How To Live Long – Introduction – by W.W. Hall (copyright 1875)

Health Is A Duty

Health is a topic that never grows old because many of us wish to live long lives.  That is why I was determined to get my hands on this antique book that is full of over 1,400 ways to live long and stay healthy.  According to the preface, “To live long, is to live well, by eating and drinking abundantly of ‘all the good things of this life'”. . .

“How to do these things in such a way as to preserve and promote the highest health and thus double their value, is the object of this book.”


These lessons are, “short, concise, specific, and to the point, in the fewest possible words, to compel the reading of them and so impress them on the mind by fact and warning and incident and example, and anecdote, that they cannot be forgotten in a life-time.”

Therefore, this book is intended to be read habitually and in such a way that it will not be time consuming.  Instead, you can read one or several in one day and feel as if you are getting the information that you need to contribute to a long and fruitful life!

. . . as a means of living long, how the body is to be kept in good health, the mind cultivated, and the tastes, sentiments, affections, and highest qualities of our nature, sedulously and habitually cherished; all done in the fewest possible words.”

If this topic interests you as much as it does me, I have set up a Facebook page to post these words of wisdom on a daily basis so that you may merely scroll through your newsfeed and find something that you can take with you for the rest of your days!  Good luck and Happy Health!

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