This Supermodel From The 80s Kept Her Clothes On For Playboy!

In November of 1984, Supermodel Christie Brinkley “Dresses Up” for Playboy magazine:


Since the 1950’s this magazine thrived on showing the many naked parts concerning the female body within its pages. Therefore, every fan expected to see an exposed Christie Brinkley when they opened it up because this is what made the late Hugh Hefner a VERY rich man and the envy of every other man alive. However, when this issue came out, it showed nothing but a beautiful woman who was determined to cover herself up as much as she could and it was, indeed, a refreshing change!

Christie Brinkley covered from head to toe:


It was also a sigh of relief for many women who are used to seeing their female role models exposing themselves in order to achieve a higher level of success in their own, personal lives. Obviously, we all know that there is tremendous value in the female form and it’s one thing to appreciate the female body in all of its natural glory, but totally different when they are thinly spread for the masses of horny men in the world who would otherwise never see such a sight in their normal, everyday lives. For that reason, it was a refreshing change to see Playboy magazine actually take the time to celebrate the Dressing Up of this female icon. In fact, the entire spread that she did was more like a clothing ad:

“What’s Christie Brinkley doing in a pair of veddy British Paul Smith cotton boxer shorts?”


Obviously, something needed to be sold and so this magazine took to selling the fashion that she represented which covered up most of her lovely body back in 1984. In fact, these photos could have easily landed her in ANY magazine in the world.

Needless to say, there wasn’t much talk about Christie Brinkley herself as any other “Playmates” often revealed such as her “likes” and “dislikes” which made this photo shoot a little less like she was the Cover Girl and more like a mere advertisement for the Veddy British clothing that she was sporting. (Unlike other Cover Girls. For example: Madonna, who, the following year in September 1985, received a 14 page pictorial and article). Christie, on the other hand, only received these few photos and no mention her personal achievements in life.

Nonetheless, she was stunning, and quite likely never invited back to a Playboy photo shoot again!


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