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Be Your Own Doctor – The Ralston Health Club


“To the man or woman who is now sick, we would bring health and freedom from disease. To the one who is now well, we would offer continual protection against the dangers of illness. And to everybody we would teach the natural methods of right living which will bring about an ideal state of physical and mental well-being that will usher in a new era of happiness on earth. This is our dedication.

The Ralston Health Club”

They were not doctors, they had no patients and no individual cases. They had no medical practice and did not teach or prescribe medicine. However, the Ralston Health Club proved to be the most comprehensive analysis of health. Their goal was: To Get Well and Stay Well and it all began in 1876 and continued to influence all levels of society during the early part of the 1900s. They even had their own college in Washington D.C. and eventually became what we know today as Ralston Purina (which is NOTHING like The Ralston Health Club). Despite their widespread influence, many doctors denied all knowledge of Ralstonism, even as they made use of their principals “as though they were their own inventions.” In fact, many doctors today know very little of “the laws of life except as they come under the laws of medicine” and therefore, rarely recommend the diet and regime that provides perfect health because it denies doctors the revenue of keeping us sick. Besides, many patients (even today) are seeking a quick fix and are not truly interested in following the laws of Nature. In which case, those people will never find true health in their everyday lives.

However, those who seek this will be amazed to know that many of our health problems and concerns are easily managed with the approach that The Ralston Health Club provided (and still does!) in their many books of wisdom. According to Ralstonism, no medicine can cure a disease but “complete and absolute adoption of the suggestions made in our treatments will bring the cure.” Unfortunately, once cured, most people revert to their old ways of life and completely disregard the path that must be adhered to in order to maintain perfect health. A Ralstonite is someone who dedicates their life to this natural path and therefore transforms it into a supreme experience instead of a series of illnesses. According to them, a failure in health occurs when “some of nature’s laws have been violated.”

Some of the remedies that this books provides include:



Mental Disorders






Bad Complexion

Depression and Melancholy

And More!

Many of which will be covered on this website as time permits! Please continue to check back as we continue to deliver this important information to you!

The One Meal That You Can Live On And Thrive Indefinitely!

Does Laminating A Vintage Book Ruin It?

Those of us who collect old, vintage and antique books know that the real value in these books is in sharing them. However, when it comes to children, the last thing that we want to do is hand them an old book!  Especially young ones who love to eat pages and and make a fist full of paper out of them otherwise. The point is, when it was time to give my great-niece a one-year birthday present, I wanted it to be a vintage children’s book about her favorite character. In this case, Curious George.  So, I found an old copy of this book (1952) and I have to admit that it was in rough condition.  Therefore, I initially thought that it was a good idea to just let her have it completely, without concern about her possibly tearing it apart. After all, it was merely a rescue book and it was important for me that she was given full permission to handle it how she will without concern for the condition that we normally like to keep our old books in.

However, that’s when I decided to figure out a way to make it last a lot longer for her. So, I turned to lamination.  First of all, we know that laminating pages can make them last for a long time but it is also common knowledge that this isn’t the best way to preserve a page indefinitely. That’s because ordinary lamination material still permits light rays to pass through it and can also cause a chemical reaction to the acid that most modern paper and modern dyes contain which causes deterioration of paper and fading of the paper and print in time.

However, in this case, the book was already in bad condition and its only purpose was to be enjoyed for this one, last run! The result was exactly what I was hoping for and so I have no regrets laminating each and every page of this book so that it could be enjoyed by my great-niece on her first birthday and for as long as possible afterwards.

See How Much She Enjoys Her New Book In This Video that her grandmother (my sister) took. It’s adorable! :

Go to the next page to see how I made it – Step by Step:

Creepy Old Footage Found!

This appears to be an example of old, amatuer filmmaking which succeeds in creating some thrilling and suspenseful footage in this short-lived film.  This was found on an old super 8mm film roll from the 60s and it popped up in right in the middle, out of nowhere and completely caught me by surprise! I was immediately immersed in the ghostly theme as I was taken through what appears to be a single wide mobile home.  Inside, things are going crazy!  The fast cuts and the empty shoes insinuates that an invisible entity is walking through this home and helping him/herself to some refreshments from the fridge.

Some of the footage is so well planned, for its day, that it’s hard to believe the amount of effort that was made to complete this suspenseful film clip. It’s more than I was expecting and I honestly couldn’t stop watching to see what happened next.  Whoever made this did a thorough job in the short amount of time given in this film and was really able to use short bits of footage to keep the story moving along. This is amatuer filmmaking at its finest!  A nice example of what is be possible even when you’re living in the 60s and only equipped with a super 8mm camera. I can image that this took lots of planning to accomplish and it was well done!

Just take a moment to see this vintage and ghostly home movie clip for yourself:

Iced Tea Is “Slow Suicide” – Says The Chief Chemist of the United States Government – 1929

I used to think that tea was better than coffee but now I am conflicted and overwhelmed by the information that exists in the world today.  It is as if anything can be refuted and for that reason, one person can argue that tea is good for you (herbal, medicinal etc.). Yet, I wonder where this information comes from? T.V.? Internet? Schools? Doctors? With informers like these, we tend to just believe what we are told, without investigation of our own until we ultimately believe that it is good for us even though those who say this are often selling it as well. For example, the tobacco industry honestly tried to convince people in the early 1900s that tobacco juice and smoke are antiseptic (that is: having some effect on germs of disease)! Of course, people were ready to believe this and so chewing and smoking tobacco became a very justified thing to do. However, this was proven wholly wrong during an experiment in which a piece of dead heart tissue which was fed (perfect blood) subsequently began showing signs of life in the most remarkable way (the the heart pieces were actually beating) that is, until: “the slightest breath of tobacco smoke on the [beating heart pieces] resulted in the instant stopping of the heart pulsation, and the cessation of the growth of new tissue”

At some point in our lives, there is a truth that surfaces beyond all doubt and most often, this same truth already surfaced in the past but is well suppressed in our present times.  Regardless, we believe that we know everything until we are confronted with a truth that was proved to be so a long time ago which makes you wonder why it hardly exists today and even runs contrary to our current beliefs.  Usually, I find that many old truths don’t coincide with what today’s moneymakers want and that is: A society of people who are ready and waiting to do exactly as they are told. So, if you feel like tea is something that you “need” to relax, for your throat (which doesn’t actually help), or simply that it is better than coffee, then please read the following passage from “Complete Life Building” – 1929:

“Tea is a direct poison. It is wholly foreign to the human body. . .

2017-05-08 10.37.41

. . .It weakens every organ, and acts directly on the bladder, making it very difficult to retain the water there.  Ice Tea, as the Chief Chemist of the United States Government stated, is “slow suicide”. Tea drinking undermines the brain forces, ruins the memory, causes loss of faculties long before age has come on, and makes a person desperately nervous, and subject to gloomy moods by night and day.  Its end is paralysis.

See What This Book Has To Say About Coffee! (Believe it or not – it’s better than Tea!) Coming soon. . .Check back shortly . . .

The Only Meal You Need To Live Long And Thrive!


This easy meal is a combination of Potato-Milk-Salt = Po-m-alt!  First, discover why this is such an important meal here.

Pomalt ALONE is a complete meal which means that it will support all of life and all the functions of the body indefinitely, bringing health, freedom from disease, freedom from constipation and will aid in growth and development to all parts of the body.  Tests have been conducted over 100 years ago to prove that humanity can live on this dish ALONE and thrive in perfect health.  Although, it is never suggested that we do this because Nature intends variety.  However, just knowing that you can provide your body with everything it needs at least ONCE a day is a great way to get started on good health and maintain it for a lifetime!

This information comes from a book, ‘Complete Life Building’ (1929) and it says that the best way to cook a potato is to BAKE it.  These days, we have the convenience of a microwave that should suffice. All other ways of eating a potato including mashed potatoes have but little food value.  All the value in this remarkable food is in the skin and close to the skin.

Here’s how you make it:

Pick out your favorite potato.

In this case a red potato but another potato will do (except sweet potatoes). Then bake it in your oven (or microwave it if you’re short on time).


The baked potato should be cut up into small parts after it’s cooked so that the skin is mixed thoroughly with the rest.

2017-04-27 12.54.59

Then it should be SALTED to taste.

Plenty of salt is required in order to produce the stomach fluid which is absolutely necessary for digestion. I use unrefined salt.

2017-04-27 12.56.15

Then pour whole milk over the mixture.

It is best to use RAW milk because pasteurized milk has been stripped of much of its nutritional value.  However, store bought whole milk will suffice if you have no RAW milk nearby.  Although, you should make an effort to find some in your local area.

2017-04-27 12.56.58


Here is a food that contains all the 14 elements required to build life; and in this exact proportion: Potatoes with the skins on, and never in any form except baked (or microwaved), salted to taste; and with plenty of raw milk.

2017-04-27 12.57.40

Such a diet will prolong life indefinitely, will drive out disease, and will increase the vitality of the whole system.  It is a complete food in every respect.  Nor is it tiresome.  No fully balanced food is ever tiresome.

Civilization should be in “that state in human life where no food is eaten that is not a body-builder; where all the necessary kinds of food are eaten to make all parts of the body.  Potato with salt and milk contain all these needed elements with none that are useless.”  – Complete Life Building 1929.

“Also, never fry or boil the potatoes. The best way is to BAKE it” (or, in today’s society, microwave it).

Here is a testimony from my friend that I shared this with who has been eating Pomalt once a day for one month:

“It’s helping that’s for sure! I’ve lost 6lbs. I ‘Pomalt’ in the morning, it kills my hunger till the late afternoon and I feel good. I’ve even started Yoga.”

For myself, I noticed that my nails are stronger, a scar on my hand started to fade and I’ve had no headaches or sickness since I’ve started.  In fact, I’m full of energy and I feel great!

So, how will Pomalt change your life?

Provenance – Antique Books Owned By Famous People Of The Past!

What Is Provenance?

If you love old books then it’s no surprise to you to find it full of markings and even signatures of any previous owners scrawled inside of the front pages!  Now, there are two schools of thought on this. For some people, condition is everything!  Therefore, finding a book full of markings will not suffice.  However, nowadays, this sort of thing is being dissected by those who believe in the history that these book markings can provide.  Therefore, provenance is the book’s history of ownership and it is a topic that has many people dedicating their lives to this new field of study.

Now, we can only assume that most names penned in these books are ordinary folks who are simply marking their territory by signing the inside cover of their newly acquired asset.  However, once in a while, you find a book that has the signature of a well known person from the past and that’s when you realize the significance of provenance!  For example:

A book that Ralph Waldo Emerson bought and read for himself!


Then later GAVE to this 17th Century female poet, Lucy Larcom!


Obviously, it’s easier to find (or recognize) a famous person’s signature in a book that he/she wrote.

The trick is, finding their signature in a book that they owned for their own, personal delight!  That’s exactly what happened to me, TWICE, in ONE book! Also, it is clear that when I purchased it on eBay, the person selling this had no idea that it was signed by famous people. This might be an easy mistake to make considering that the book was not written by the person who signed it and therefore, it can easily be overlooked.  Besides, as time goes on, the art of simply READING these signatures and markings is being left to those who strive to pursue it.  Otherwise, we are only equipped to read the typed word. . .

These famous signatures were found in a book from 1845 which contain markings from both Ralph Waldo Emerson and Lucy Larcom.


For Those Who Love Old, Antique Books, Provenance The Key To History!

How To Live Long – Introduction – by W.W. Hall (copyright 1875)

Health Is A Duty

Health is a topic that never grows old because many of us wish to live long lives.  That is why I was determined to get my hands on this antique book that is full of over 1,400 ways to live long and stay healthy.  According to the preface, “To live long, is to live well, by eating and drinking abundantly of ‘all the good things of this life'”. . .

“How to do these things in such a way as to preserve and promote the highest health and thus double their value, is the object of this book.”


These lessons are, “short, concise, specific, and to the point, in the fewest possible words, to compel the reading of them and so impress them on the mind by fact and warning and incident and example, and anecdote, that they cannot be forgotten in a life-time.”

Therefore, this book is intended to be read habitually and in such a way that it will not be time consuming.  Instead, you can read one or several in one day and feel as if you are getting the information that you need to contribute to a long and fruitful life!

. . . as a means of living long, how the body is to be kept in good health, the mind cultivated, and the tastes, sentiments, affections, and highest qualities of our nature, sedulously and habitually cherished; all done in the fewest possible words.”

If this topic interests you as much as it does me, let’s take a look at some of these words of wisdom so that you may find something that you can take with you for the rest of your days!  Good luck and Happy Health!

Click Here:


Henry Miller Can “See” The Internet “Happening” back in 1949 – Rare Recording!

Henry Miller is a celebrated American author who was born December 26, 1891 in Yorkville, New York City, NY and passed away on June 7, 1980, at the age of 88.

In this rare recording, Henry Miller was speaking into a microphone for the first time.  He called it an “experiment”. Before this, he had never heard his own voice before and he didn’t like it at all!  He called his own voice: Boring and monotonous!  To me, his voice is fine. Here is what he thinks about recording for the first time.

Henry Miller vows to do better in this new “medium”:

Obviously, this new experience changed him in such a way that he began to think about what the future might hold and that is when he incredibly describes “The Internet” as it is today! (see video below)

Henry Miller Predicts The Future In These Rare Recordings from 1949!


During his life, he spent 9 years in Paris beginning in 1930 in which he wrote several books, including what he considers to be his best book ever written, ‘Black Spring’. Then he moved to Greece where he stayed for another year until he was ordered to return to the United States by the American Consulate, an experience he describes in his book ‘Colossus Of Maroussi’. After traveling the United States for a while, he eventually made his way to Big Sur, California where he continued to remain.

Both of these books ‘Black Spring’ and ‘Colossus Of Maroussi’ were the subject of these recordings in which he read parts of them aloud for the first time and came away with an insight that predicted the future perfectly!

“In another 50 years, there won’t be anymore books”

“We might have that wonderful thing happen, like a miracle and I can see it happening. . . .that when a man feels like creating, he’ll just create and maybe he won’t even open his mouth. But it’ll register and it’ll register on everyone!”

“The real, spontaneous, creative act will be communicated universally, simultaneously, instantaneously! That would be a wonderful thing. . . “

 These words were taped in June, 1949 by Louis and Bebe Barron in Big Sur, California.

After this first recording, Henry concluded that the ultimate goal of all creativity must be a direct, personal form of communication and recording was a step in the right direction. Many of these thoughts are spontaneously expressed by Miller in these recordings.

Henry Miller was born of poor parents in 1891 in New York. He wrote his first book in 1923 and even though it was badly written, he felt that he had found his purpose.  His quit job and “from then on the real misery began” with years of poverty that followed and Henry Miller, literally begging in the streets for his next meal!  Since then, he found his way and now we have a small insight into what he believed the future to hold. Check out this clip that I edited down from my own, personal copy of this hard-to-find CD version of this rare recording:

Join The Club!2016-06-17 18.52.48

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“‘The Bellboy’ wasn’t very good at all” – According To THIS Diary Entry On September 1, 1960

The star of this movie was the comedian, Jerry Lewis, who is also an actor and singer. He began as part of the comedy due ‘Martin and Lewis’ with Dean Martin and then went on to star on his own in nightclubs, concert stages, television, recordings and films. He was well acclaimed with lifetime achievement awards from American Comedy Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, Venice Film Festival and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

This movie was released July 20, 1960 and his character was a mute bellboy who was working in a fancy hotel in Miami Beach and is constantly causing problems. He also had a second, cameo role in this film playing himself, walking through the hotel with an entire entourage! However, according to Miss Norma’s Diary entry on September 2, 1960,:

’The Bellboy’ wasn’t very good at all“. . .

2016-09-02 08.40.02

‘The Bellboy’ was also Jerry Lewis’s directorial debut. The main character is named Stanley and he does not speak until the end of the movie and appears to simply get involved in one ridiculous situation after another. Before production, Lewis enlisted the advice of his friend, Stan Laurel, about the script. Stan used to work on silent films and was a master of English pantomime. With that said, Jerry named his main character ‘Stanly’ after him and also created another character who appears throughout the movie who looks like him.

Jerry was pressured by Paramount to have a movie from him released by the summer. One movie was already completed, ‘Cinderfella’, last December in 1959 but Jerry wanted to hold off on its release until Christmas. Paramount only agreed on it if Jerry would still release a movie during the summer as they wished. So, he came up with ‘The Bellboy’. Therefore, this movie appears to be an afterthought, or else, a negotiating piece that was concocted to protect the release date that he wanted for his movie, ‘Cinderfella’.

Also, Jerry Lewis continued to perform at nightclubs during the evening after he was done shooting this film all day. Let’s take a look at a clip:

The REAL Reason Why Selfie Sticks Are Banned! Hitler Would Agree. . .

Selfie sticks hold up our cell phones at a higher angle for a better picture and they have been banned in museums. Why?

In WWII, the Nazi regime engaged in a massive crusade to steal, hide and horde all that humanity had to offer because all value in this life is NOT based on money (despite what we tend to believe).  It is based, in fact, on the valuable contributions of human beings.  That is, all that we have imagined, conceived and ultimately CREATE constitutes ‘real value‘ and all of it was up for grabs between 1933 and 1945. This enormous wealth is what Hitler was after.  Once confiscated, then all the ‘real value’ of the world belonged to him. The purpose of obtaining such valuable pieces of art is to recreate it into ‘prints’ to be sold off to the future public, much like we are doing today.  To own an original piece is rare.  Therefore, museums not only curate (care for and house these belongings that technically belong to the public domain) but they charge admission fees and also sell ‘prints’ of this art to the public.  For example: The Mona Lisa is a very famous painting that most of us will never see in our lifetimes.  However, we are all familiar with the ‘print’ of this painting and copies of it are sold worldwide which constantly generates revenue to the owner of that painting and THIS is the monetary value that Hitler was after!

Hitler valued original works of art

2016-08-31 10.49.49

That is why you cannot walk up to the Mona Lisa and take her picture.  The museum takes great care in hanging the original painting on the wall at such an angle that you cannot take a picture of it straight on.  If you did, YOU would have the ability to resell YOUR digital copy in the form of a print.  It is also your RIGHT to do this.  However, so long as the original painting is ‘out of our reach’ and we cannot take a clear copy of it, we are forever at the mercy of the museum to offer its ‘prints’ to us for money. This is the reason why selfie sticks are being banned in museums because now, we can reach our camera up high enough to take a straight shot of such paintings which would give us the power to resell them. “If the painting is in the public domain, you can take a picture of it, you can reproduce it,” said Chris Sprigman, an intellectual property law professor at the University of Virginia School of Law.


This is the angle of our pictures without a selfie stick:

2016-08-31 10.30.16

To be clear, nobody has the right to tell you “no” when you wish to take a photo of these paintings and yet, we are not allowed to approach these timeless articles without paying for it somehow. Also, the museums have the audacity to say that their ‘print’ is under copyright.

Therefore, they continue monopolize the public domain.


Somewhere in this world is a treasure of the human race. It is resting, no doubt, behind miles of locked doors and this is what Hitler wanted.  He knew that humanity was on the brink and also that we have already created immense value in this world with the power of our minds (he, himself being an unaccomplished painter). Therefore, whatever the mind has conceived of and then ultimately brought forth into these works of art is what ‘real value’ is and Hitler knew this. For this reason, he was way ahead of his time.  Is it no wonder why the phrase “starving artist” is true?  No artist will ever be made rich by his/her own work and yet, if it is valuable (pleasing to our eyes and stirring in our souls) then, one day, it will make someone else a great deal of money for lifetimes to come.

This was not only a war, it was a massive, systematic looting of the human experience.  No doubt due to the fact that Hitler provided no ‘value’ to the human race by his own accord.  Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough that his power was merely used to sustain riches for the rest of his life because the theory is, he DID NOT DIE and so his only mission was to steal what he could and he used the guise of ‘war’ and his so-called ‘death’ in order to accomplish this and then hide forever.

If you take the time to read ANY copyright information that such a museum or historical society has, suggesting to us that they, alone have the ability to make money forever on all their original pieces of art, books, photos etc. in their possession, then you will see that they never intend to allow you (the artist, photographer, patron etc) to own the copyright for yourself.  Instead, you must ALWAYS pay them for the privilege of a copy because they happened to obtain this original FIRST. That is why copyright laws are constantly changing, to favor those who OWN these original pieces.  That is why, after 1978, most of the intellectual property of significant value is owned by corporations (Disney, for example) because since that year, all works are copyrighted for a lifetime PLUS 95 years!  This means, that we will NEVER, in our lifetimes, have access to those works that are being created in our modern society. In that case, we have been duped because the purpose of all art is to eventually belong to the human race, free of charge. However, this will never happen because of people like Hitler who knew the true ‘value‘ of the human race, way before we all did and has since horded that value for himself and his brethren.  It is only when we all decide that this immense wealth of humanity ought to be shared so that we can flourish into the human beings that we were meant to become.  Until then, we are merely slaves who will blindly continue to contribute to the pocketbooks of those who are incapable of providing real ‘value’ in this world. Instead, they steal it from the true soldiers of humanity who saw life as a gift and managed to created something worthwhile. You ought to look down on those who cannot ‘create’ and scorn those who have nothing else to offer this world than their pointless ‘dollars’. Those are the enemies of the modern world and Hitler leads the pack as the world’s biggest thief.