Lesson 2 – Exercises – The Perfect Voice

“A good clear voice will win friends, even though the words and thoughts are of no great value”

–  Eugene Feuchtinger

Exercises For Lesson II

As taught in the first lesson, make the groove or furrow in the tongue, being sure that you do not force it in the least; proof of which is, that the tongue remains loose and smooth, except that it shows a groove through the center.  Also, the mouth, jaws and lips must remain quiet.

Many, especially those who have sung much, will find that the groove is not made at the extreme back of the tongue.  The reason is, that most singers and speakers have acquired the habit of using their jaw and other muscles to produce tone.  As you go on with these lessons, you will be told why such individuals, unconsciously to themselves, do so, and it will be proven to you that it is wrong and also why it is wrong. For that matter you may have proof even now that it is wrong. Your higher tones are now somewhat hard or shrill. Put the tip of your forefinger on the back of the tongue, and while touching the tongue repeatedly, say or sing, “ah.” In most cases the tongue will feel hard and unyielding in the back, thus proving that the tongue muscles are inactive or are overpowered by the jaw muscles. Don’t expect to remedy this fault at once, though this lesson is the beginning of the remedy.

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