Miss Norma’s Diary – August 1, 1960 – “I’m still trying to get Mal”


“Today I didn’t do anything much. In the afternoon Barbara and I went down to the M.G.C. and Jimmy and Mr. Richards was there. At night Bill, Mabel, Barbara and I went down to the M.G.C. Loren was there and so was his father. A little while after we got there Loren left and a long time later Mal and Mrs. Richards came. . . 

. . .They only stayed a minute but Mal said ‘hi!’ to me. . . 

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. . .I was real surprised too. I didn’t think he would say a word to me. Well, there is nothing else to say. . .
Except I’m still trying to get Mal and I hope he doesn’t go to San Francisco to college because I don’t think I could stand to not see him.”

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