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Exercises For Lesson 7

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As you were just told, the hyo-glossi muscle, the one that directly controls the larynx and thereby the entire vocal apparatus, must be made strong and be brought under the absolute control of speaker and singer. You are now gradually being taught how to gain this control, later on in the course and after having gained the control, you will be taught how to make this muscle strong.

The exact and isolated control of the hyo-glossi muscles is the most essential part of the course so far. No great improvement in your voice can be expected until you can make the groove in the rearmost part of the tongue. You must learn to make the groove so easy, so free, that neither the muscles of the palate or the muscles of the throat will be tempted to contract and to move either or both the palate and the cricoid bone. This is absolute and essential to all future progress. Review the lessons on the tongue every now and then. Do not neglect any one of the lessons on the tongue.

This hyo-glossus muscle must be taught and trained to contract by the mere power of the will. A mere desire to contract should prompt the actual movement of this muscle instantly, without hesitation. This easy contraction of the hyo-glossi muscle may be best compared to the attraction of a magnet for a piece of iron placed a short distance to the magnet. The iron will be drawn suddenly and without visible effort. Persist in the isolation of this muscle until it becomes a matter of easy habit. It will pay you!

Now to get this absolute mastery takes time – you can study other lessons in the meantime. They will help you now and prepare you for the next difficult lesson of the tongue.

Those of you who have naturally a strong tongue action may find it more difficult, because of former habits, to gain the isolated control over the hyo-glossi muscles, than those who have a weak tongue action, but you will progress faster because of your strength, after you have attained the complete isolation.

I realize that meanwhile you have to go on speaking and singing, though the latter is not so necessary in most cases, outside of professional singers.

To the voice student – sing as little as possible for the present, learn the best use of your voice now rather by speaking, by knowing how the voice is formed for speaking, for really the same voice is used in singing, and by exercising a little patience now you will gain greatly in the future. Until the full use of these important tongue muscles can be gained, it is permissible, at any rate it is necessary can be gained, it is permissible, at any rate it is necessary, to make use of artificial means of using the voice. These lessons, therefore, will reveal to you every trick and device that may enable you to utilize all of what voice you now have. These lessons should help you for the present, until the real and final development can be attained. The permanent cure of a weak and defective voice takes time. The devices, which you get now, can be applied at once and they will help you during the period of practice for the permanent development.

Teachers, preachers, choir singers and all who use the voice in their daily vocation, can make use of these devices and profit from them at once. Even defective voices, especially the lighter cases, will find them helpful, but do NOT build too great hopes on these temporary exercises. You will not derive all of the benefit which you desire from them. You will be helped, but only the control and strengthening of the hyo-glossi muscle can permanently and forever cure you.

Remember, therefore, these present exercises are only for temporary use. The final, absolutely sure remedy for all defects, and the means of acquiring a truly grand voice, is to be found only in the final education and strengthening of the hyo-glossi muscle.

The Vocal Attack

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