Miss Norma’s Diary – October 6, 1960 – “because I wanted to stay and flirt with Vern”


“Today I went to school and Warren looked at me all the time and I was real happy. After school, Connie and I went down the street. At night, Barbara and I went down to the miniature golf course and Loren was there and Tony and Vern. We played a real fast game and then we watched Loren play baseball and then we watched Vern play baseball. Then I went to the bathroom and when I came back, Barbara was all shook and she told me that Vern was asking all kinds of stuff about me and then I got all shook. Later, Mr. Richards came. Barbara wanted Loren to take us home but I didn’t want him to because I wanted to stay and flirt with ‘Vern’. Later, Loren left. He didn’t say ‘bye’ to us. . . 

He just walked off but he didn’t act like he wanted to leave. . . 


He walked real slow, he couldn’t have waked slower unless he would have crawled. Later, Vern left. He kept looking back at me so I went over by the woman’s bathroom and Vern was walking down the alley so I waved to him and he waved back and he said, ‘ bye’ and then he said something else but I couldn’t understand him. Then when he was way down the alley, he looked back and whistled. Then Barbara and I went over by Mr. Richards and she (Barbara) said, ‘Norma, how are we going to get to the game Friday night?’ But he didn’t say anything. Later, Daddy came. “

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