Lesson 11 – Exercises – The Perfect Voice

Exercises For Lesson 11

With this exercise you are introduced to the most valuable parts of all the lessons so far, that is, in fallible correct “attack.” By this is meant the initial starting of a tone, whether for speaking for singing. Many otherwise good vocalists start a tone with at sort of grating or barking sound; others start the tone in a breathy, faint or uncertain manner. The attack, or starting of a tone, is really the most important part of all voice study, for upon the initial start depends the clearness, the strength and quality of the voice.

Perhaps some of you have studied piano, violin or some other musical instrument. If so, you will remember that the most important part of your instructions were to be sure to always get the best tone possible. Now the best tone can only be obtained under right physical conditions. If too much force is used, the tone is hard and piercing. On the other hand, if no strength at all is used, then the tone is faint, uncertain and without character. Force is prohibited, but natural strength is demanded for a good attack. When the singer or speaker has to force the voice it means that the natural strength is deficient. Because of this deficiency, vocalists are tempted to use, not the correct and natural means of making a sound, but the unnatural means. Only when the organ which produce sound are strong enough to do their work with ease, then the sound will be the very best possible. You will find through studying the lesson on “attack,” which tones are produced by your natural strength and also, if you test the attack on higher tones, you will quickly realize the limit of range natural to your present voice. When you realize this limit, you will be sensible enough not to force your voice beyond it, but to work patiently to create the necessary strength which will carry you far beyond your present limitations.

The Vocal Attack

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