Lesson 13 – Exercises – The Perfect Voice

Exercises On Lesson 13

The instructions here have never failed to produce entirely satisfactory results, so you may follow them with the utmost confidence.

These instructions are based upon exact scientific foundation. They follow Nature and Nature’s laws. In the past the vocal apparatus was regarded as an instrument furnished to us by Nature in a fully finished state and ready for use. This was an incorrect supposition, for there are very few naturally perfect vocal organs.

Depending on the assumption that the vocal organ was delivered to us complete and perfect, people believed that a perfect voice could always be obtained if certain singing or speaking exercises were persisted in. Experience had taught those who have cared to observe that to over exercise or to overuse a weak or imperfect vocal instrument is to ruin it and make the voice useless.

The vocal organ is an instrument and usually a faulty one. Therefore, the secret of all vocal development depends upon correcting the fault or faults that may be found in the instrument. When the vocal instrument has been made perfect it will function perfectly, but not before.

The fault in most voices is purely organic, yet instructors had for ages tried to correct that unknown fault by means of speaking and singing lessons, having for their foundation breathing gymnastics, distinct pronunciation, etc. The reason such methods accomplish so little is that the vocal organs require something besides vocal exercises to make them efficient. If a person has a weak or husky voice, it is not because he speaks, sings and breathes incorrectly, but because some part of his vocal instrument is imperfect and cannot function properly. All voice training must begin with the development of the organ itself. Until this is accomplished, nothing else can be attained, and mere singing or speaking exercises become harmful.

These instructions will teach you something that has never been taught by any other method, that is, how to strengthen and build up the vocal instrument so that it can easily do the work required of it. Through using the exercises given here, the vocal organ can be strengthened, trained and perfected, all weakness can be overcome and all disturbances resulting from sickness can be removed. It is to be understood that some people will obtain quick results and that others, because of the greater defects in the organ, will have to practice longer. However, even the worst cases have only to follow these instructions faithfully and persistently to be certain of obtaining complete and permanent success. When once the vocal instrument has been completely developed, the result is always an agreeable, enduring voice, and vocal defect disappear.

How To Obtain A Clear, Distinct Voice

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