The Only Meal You Need To Live Long And Thrive!


This easy meal is a combination of Potato-Milk-Salt = Po-m-alt!  First, discover why this is such an important meal here.

Pomalt ALONE is a complete meal which means that it will support all of life and all the functions of the body indefinitely, bringing health, freedom from disease, freedom from constipation and will aid in growth and development to all parts of the body.  Tests have been conducted over 100 years ago to prove that humanity can live on this dish ALONE and thrive in perfect health.  Although, it is never suggested that we do this because Nature intends variety.  However, just knowing that you can provide your body with everything it needs at least ONCE a day is a great way to get started on good health and maintain it for a lifetime!

This information comes from a book, ‘Complete Life Building’ (1929) and it says that the best way to cook a potato is to BAKE it.  These days, we have the convenience of a microwave that should suffice. All other ways of eating a potato including mashed potatoes have but little food value.  All the value in this remarkable food is in the skin and close to the skin.

Here’s how you make it:

Pick out your favorite potato.

In this case a red potato but another potato will do (except sweet potatoes). Then bake it in your oven (or microwave it if you’re short on time).


The baked potato should be cut up into small parts after it’s cooked so that the skin is mixed thoroughly with the rest.

2017-04-27 12.54.59

Then it should be SALTED to taste.

Plenty of salt is required in order to produce the stomach fluid which is absolutely necessary for digestion. I use unrefined salt.

2017-04-27 12.56.15

Then pour whole milk over the mixture.

It is best to use RAW milk because pasteurized milk has been stripped of much of its nutritional value.  However, store bought whole milk will suffice if you have no RAW milk nearby.  Although, you should make an effort to find some in your local area.

2017-04-27 12.56.58


Here is a food that contains all the 14 elements required to build life; and in this exact proportion: Potatoes with the skins on, and never in any form except baked (or microwaved), salted to taste; and with plenty of raw milk.

2017-04-27 12.57.40

Such a diet will prolong life indefinitely, will drive out disease, and will increase the vitality of the whole system.  It is a complete food in every respect.  Nor is it tiresome.  No fully balanced food is ever tiresome.

Civilization should be in “that state in human life where no food is eaten that is not a body-builder; where all the necessary kinds of food are eaten to make all parts of the body.  Potato with salt and milk contain all these needed elements with none that are useless.”  – Complete Life Building 1929.

“Also, never fry or boil the potatoes. The best way is to BAKE it” (or, in today’s society, microwave it).

Here is a testimony from my friend that I shared this with who has been eating Pomalt once a day for one month:

“It’s helping that’s for sure! I’ve lost 6lbs. I ‘Pomalt’ in the morning, it kills my hunger till the late afternoon and I feel good. I’ve even started Yoga.”

For myself, I noticed that my nails are stronger, a scar on my hand started to fade and I’ve had no headaches or sickness since I’ve started.  In fact, I’m full of energy and I feel great!

So, how will Pomalt change your life?

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