Lesson 19 – The Perfect Voice

Causes Of A Defective Voice And How To Cure It

Hoarseness And Huskiness

The general health of an individual of course has much to do with the condition of his/her voice, and again the nervous temperament will in large measure affect the quality of one’s voice. A sweet-tempered person will be found to have a much more pleasant voice than and ill-tempered person.

The universe and every part within it, man included, is governed by two forms of energy: the positive and negative. One force is constantly constructive – building up; the other is just as constantly destructive – tearing down. In the light of religion and modern science, the moral instinct in man must be called upon to assist the constructive force. The moral will, the determination to develop, to grow, must be present in every person and in the measure that this moral force is called upon to assist the positive force, just so much will be the growth of the individual morally, mentally and physically. This does not mean that he must merely decide to develop all around or in a certain direction. No. His will power must be so strong that he will SEEK THE MEANS, search for the best way to develop and then work with all his might toward that end. Many are born weak, but more let themselves become weak. If they are not actively assisting the destructive force, they are at least neutral and weak. Gradual dissolution will overtake them.

The constructive, binding force in energy manifests itself as follows: GRAVITY, or the attraction between masses which tends to bring them together; COHESION, or the attraction between the molecules composing all visible matter; CHEMICAL AFFINITY, or the attraction between the atoms or chemical elements of which all molecules are composed.

The destructive force in energy manifests itself as follows: Force which tends to separate material masses from each other, that is REPELLING FORCE: Force which tends to separate material molecules from each other, as for instance, LIGHT and HEAT; Force which tends to separate atoms from each other, as LIGHT, HEAT, ELECTRICITY, PRESSURE, PERCUSSION, ETC.

All physical activities result from the action and reaction between these sets of opposing forces. The particles of which matter is composed would combine into a solid mass by reason of the pull of the binding forces, unless this were prevented by the push and resistance of the separating forces. Or, on the other hand, these particles would be scattered and dissipated into space by the separating forces, unless they were prevented by the pull ad resistance of the binding forces. In the same way the earth would fall into the sun by reason of the action of the binding forces, if this were not prevented by the action of the separating forces. On the other had, the earth would fly off into space – far away from its sun – by the action of the separating forces, were it not for the resistance and pull of the binding forces. The balance between these two sets of forces keeps the corpuscles in place and yet in motion; the earth in place and yet in motion in its orbit around the sun. Were this balance lost chaos would result, and the cosmos would perish. With these two powers in conflict, the universe is the theater of ceaseless redistribution of its contents, whether in the sweep of the stars through space, or in the vibrations of the invisible particles of the human body.

The muscles which operate in voice need to be considered. The two forces, constructive and destructive, operate in the vocal muscles as they do in all other parts of the body. Many persons are born with weak voices; that is, with weak vocal muscles, hence they are more liable to disease because they have not the power or resistance natural to those with strong vocal muscles

Again, many people are born with naturally strong voices, but through ignorance or accident lose that endowment. In both cases the weak voice tends to become still weaker and this general deterioration of vocal organs often affects the entire body, the mouth, throat, lungs, etc. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids may not be the result of weak vocal organs but surely persons with strong vocal organs do not usually suffer from enlarged tonsils or adenoids. Therefore, weak voices are not made strong by the removal of the tonsils. On the contrary, there are known cases where the enlarged tonsils became normal after the voice had grown stronger and therefore, when the vocal organ is made healthy and strong, other diseases will disappear. With that said, all voices should be given a chance to be strong first, before deciding on an operation.

Hoarseness, huskiness, sore throat, nasality, can all be cured through the exercises which will develop the voice. These symptoms are often caused (when not due to a severe cold) by weak tongue muscles.

Strained voices, short breath and monotonous delivery are the result of weak tongue muscles.

Shrill, hard, staccato voices are caused by overuse of the masticating muscles. These must be eliminated in favor of the masticating muscles. These must be eliminated in favor of the tongue muscles.

Stammering, lisping stuttering are caused by unwieldy tongue. The tongue is usually strong in these cases, but not under control. Even those with cleft palates usually have the same defect. They do not talk with the tongue but the lips and palate only, eliminating the most powerful factor in all speech – the tongue.

Lost Voices. Why is it that only amateurs, but great artists often lose the most priceless gift in their possession? Here, as in other walks of life, the price of success is everlasting vigilance. A great gift, like a great business, must be guarded and daily won again. But in the case of the singer or orator, how could he/she guard the voice when they do not know the truth about voice?

Since nearly all voice teaching has been merely guess work and assumption, we had nothing definite to guide us and the advice which other gave us was usually misleading; it merely made the case worse instead of better. Nor could the physicians help. Strays and douches are only of temporary value. They do not remove the CAUSE of a defect in the voice. The great singers, all those that sing with ease in a full voice throughout the entire compass, are such only because their tongue muscles are exceptionally strong. Unfortunately they do not know this; if they did they would never lose their voices, but to the contrary their voices would become even better and endure to the day of their death.

But as they do not know this, they seek for something, they know not what. Usually they blame breathing and strive to develop the breath. Even in that they have no scientific and absolutely correct basis to work from. A strong contraction of the abdominal muscles seems to help at least temporarily, or, worst of all, they contract the jaw muscles. That also give need aid for a short time. Sometimes they are taught to raise the palate, to sings against the face, etc. If they follow that advice, their voices become thin, so, whenever they look and whatever they do the outcome is the same, loss of voice.

Then there is that vast majority of amateur singers who had sweet voices when they were young, but the voice lasted only a few years and then went to pieces. What has happened? In the first place they never had a really good voice. They had sufficient strength in the tongue muscles to stretch the vocal cords up to F on the fifth line, but not beyond. Their vocal organ, owing to their youth, was still pliable. It could do things which a settled and hardened vocal organ cannot do. But if they had known the limits of their voice, they could easily have preserved them and by practice made their tongue muscles stronger, till, finally, their voices would have become equal to those of the great artists.

Now, using this method, they cannot only regain the voice, but in a short while make it a better voice than it has ever been, and gradually become truly great singers or speakers.

Of course, what has been said about singers applies equally to speakers. They, like singers, lose their voices. The same cause and the same remedy will restore their voices.

If you have the patience and perseverance which is needed to accomplish any great work, there is nothing that can prevent you from becoming either a great singer or speaker. Just stick to it.

Exercises for Lesson 19

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