Miss Norma’s Diary – February 9, 1962 – “I got real jazzed the way Barry kissed that girl”


“Today I went to school. After school Barbara and I went down the street. We both thought that we saw Ralph driving by in another car. At night Barbara and I went to the show. Barry was the only one there. He didn’t pay any attention to us. This girl sat by him and he hissed her on the cheek. But he was only teasing. He came up to me once and said something but I can’t think what it was. Mr. W. Told Mommy and Paul is going to ask me to go to the show Sat nite. Ian told me that Lonnie asked Marie if I wore falcies. She said no But Lonnie still couldn’t believe it. I got real jazzed the way Barry kissed that girl. Real tender and soft. I wish Barry wasn’t so bad. I would probably go out with him then.”

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