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Why An Occupation Is More Than Just A Job

These words were re-created from an old book:

The Royal Path Of Life


We all have employments to pay our obligations in this life, however, this happens to be my occupation (that which occupies my time).  Without it, a poor man constantly wants more and a rich man is relentlessly tormented with boredom.  That is, men and women with no business in this world (nothing to do) are absolute pests to society.  They look at hundreds of things and see nothing. I have worked as well as wished, labored as well as prayed to be in a position to perform all duties of my occupation.


The world is full of those who are disgusted with their vocations, getting their living by their weakness instead of their strength.  The are doomed to hopeless inferiority. The only true method is to adopt a natural progression. Otherwise, when the crisis comes, this artificial character will break down, failing at the very time when it is most wanted.

However, when one steals midnight moments to practice music and another copies whole books of studies by moonlight, not spurred on by the paychecks so worshipped in our society, then we become what nature intended and therefore, we are a success. To be anything else, you will be ten thousand times worse than nothing.

An unoccupied man cannot be happy, nor can one who is improperly occupied. They are examples of dishonest living; hypocrites, shining in stolen and false colors; vampires, eating out the life of the community. Frown upon them and learn in your heart to despise their course in life. They have no trade, no object before them, nothing to do and yet have a great desire to do something worthy of themselves. They waste their time, energies and great earnings in endless changes and wanderings. They have not the stimulus of a fixed object to fasten their attention and awaken their energies. They grasp at random at a hundred things and catch nothing.

Purpose must be followed by action. However, the choosing of an occupation is not a small thing. Therefore, CHOOSE WISELY!

San Francisco Earthquake – Palace Hotel – 1906

The San Francisco Earthquake took place on April 18, 1906 and ignited massive fires with electrical dangers, causing many deaths during the first hour until the power to the city was finally shut off.  Afterwards, the fires raged for three days and destroyed nearly 500 city blocks.

This earthquake did not discriminate. It leveled brothels and luxury hotels.  One, in particular, which was designed to withstand such a natural attack, didn’t stand a chance.

The Palace Hotel was built to withstand an earthquake.


Designed to withstand both earthquakes and fires, the Palace Hotel was built on massive pillar foundations dug twelve feet deep. The outside walls were made of brick two feet thick and reinforced every four feet with double strips of iron bolted together to form continuous bands. Ultimately, thousands of tons of iron had been add to the walls. To prevent fire, in addition to the basement tank, seven more tanks were added on the roof with 130,000 gallons of water to help fight fires on its own if the city’s reserves ran dry.  Five miles of piping had been built in the walls of this hotel to help disperse this water through three hundred and fifty outlets, each containing twenty thousand feet of fire hose. For this reason, this hotel was one of the most formidable buildings in the city as it has been said that if the Palace Hotel ever burned down the whole city would also be gutted!

View of Market Street before the disaster:



Despite a quick response from San Francisco’s large military population, the city was devastated. The earthquake and fires killed an estimated 3,000 people and left half of the city’s 400,000 residents homeless.

Aid poured in from around the country and the world, but those who survived faced weeks of difficulty and hardship.


The survivors slept in tents in city parks and the Presidio, stood in long lines for food, and were required to do their cooking in the street to minimize the threat of additional fires. The San Francisco earthquake is considered one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history.

Congress responded to the disaster in several ways. The House and the Senate Appropriations Committees enacted emergency appropriations for the city to pay for food, water, tents, blankets, and medical supplies in the weeks following the earthquake and fire.

They also appropriated funds to reconstruct many of the public buildings that were damaged or destroyed.


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The Picture Story Of The San Francisco Earthquake!

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Signed Book – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Famous Poet From 1800s Writes in THIS book that I got on ebay!

To begin with, I purchased an antique book copyrighted in 1845 about Elocution Philosophy (for $10) and I was intrigued when I found this handwritten poem on a back page with the title of it reading,

Mountain & Squirrel

Copyright 2016 JazminMae/ConStancEMae/PrintFromVintage

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight – Old Book Remedy!

“The weight will be reduced from one-half pound to two pounds daily, and with marked improvement in all the physical functions.” – Dr. Frank McCoy

Of course, we all know that our diet is bad, but what can we do to fix it fast?  That’s what this book “The Fastest Way To Health by Dr. Frank McCoy” is all about.  What I like most is that it gets right to the point with a contents page that lists numerous conditions such as: Acne, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Headache, Kidney Stone, Varicose Veins and of course, Obesity plus many, many more.

This article will give you the treatment to one of those conditions and that is, Obesity (at the end of this post is a link to download this chapter for yourself). The reason that I picked this particular topic is that I find it helpful, easy and quite simply, it works!  I’ve given this information to people that I know and when followed, the results were dramatic and fast.  Even if I don’t personally struggle with Obesity in the same way that another might, that is, “having difficulty breathing and freedom of movement”, I do have binges of eating (Christmas, Buffets) and afterwards, I take to this treatment and get myself back on track fast! “Your age can never be a handicap to you, for you may develop a beautiful body at any age,”  Says Dr. Frank McCoy and it’s true!

 So, without further ado, lets discuss this easy-to-do remedy to get back on track with whatever weight problems that we may have in our lives at this time.  It will interest anyone who may be:

“Conscious of carrying around too much weight – who are stuffy, short of breath, sleepy, and uncomfortable.”

Regardless of where you fit in the treatment is simple:  Water and citrus juice.


Easy, right?  According to this chapter, “The quickest and most infallible method of reducing the weight to the normal is the use of the fasting cure in some form.  Fasting with small amounts of water and the juice of citrus fruit is perhaps the best procedure for the average case.  The weight will be reduced from one-half pound to two pounds daily, and with marked improvement in all the physical functions.”

I have taken this information and developed my own method using my high powered mixer at home.

Now that you’ve discovered that all it takes is citrus and water, here is the method that I have adopted in 8 simple steps:

1. Begin with peeling an orange.

2. Put it in your blending cup and add some ice.  I use two cubes.


3. Add some water to the mixing cup.