The Only Food You’ll Ever Need! eBook

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on Kindle and Wal-Mart’s new Kobo!

This book will give you what no other has done in generations. Yes, there was a time when this information was being spread like wildfire and yet, it was also at a time in our history when doctors and prescription medications were coming into the mainstream for the first time. Can you honestly tell me that doctors want you to be healthy? Do you know how much money they could lose? However, what we gain when we have perfect health is so much more valuable than all of the money that is in the world today. Also, you will end up saving a ton of money by following this path because you will never find yourself with the flu, a sore throat, headaches, migraines, indigestion, heart burn or any other ailments that burden us the way we have been burdened by our makeshift society so far:


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