Old Books Provide Valuable Health Information:

2018-02-20 06.39.06

Be Your Own Doctor – The Ralston Health Club

Dedication "To the man or woman who is now sick, we would bring health and freedom from disease. To the one ...
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2017-05-08 10.36.44

Iced Tea Is “Slow Suicide” – Says The Chief Chemist of the United States Government – 1929

I used to think that tea was better than coffee but now I am conflicted and overwhelmed by the information ...
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The Only Meal You Need To Live Long And Thrive!

Pomalt This easy meal is a combination of Potato-Milk-Salt = Po-m-alt!  First, discover why this is such an important meal here. Pomalt ALONE ...
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2017-04-27 12.56.58

This Meal Will Create Perfect Blood!

Pomalt is a meal with 3 simple ingredients that when mixed together provide all 14 elements that the blood needs in order ...
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You Need These 14 Elements To Build A Perfect Body

It has been proven (over 100 years ago) that these 14 elements are what your body needs in order to ...
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How To Live Long – Introduction – by W.W. Hall (copyright 1875)

Health Is A Duty Health is a topic that never grows old because many of us wish to live long lives ...
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Actress Helen Mirren’s Workout Comes From This Vintage Canadian Air Force Fitness Book! Try It Now:

This information comes from the 'Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plans For Physical Fitness' book from 1962. It is a physical ...
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The 5 Foods Your Child Needs

Food and Nutrition - Proper feeding during the years of growth is generally recognized as fundamental to the health of ...
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The Fastest Way To Lose Weight – Old Book Remedy!

"The weight will be reduced from one-half pound to two pounds daily, and with marked improvement in all the physical ...
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