Miss Norma’s Diary – December 15, 1961 – “Barb and I kept looking over at him and he was looking back”


Today I went to school. After school Barb and I went down the street. Only Creamy and Bobby were working When we were going to Barbara’s house Little Hick drove down the alley. All I could do was scream and point at him. Barbara started cracking up and so did I. At night Barbara and I went to the show. At first all we saw were Don, Ronnie, Craig, Larry and Steve, Mike, Roxanne, Susan, Jean, Linda, a bunch of kids I know from school and I don’t know who else. During intermission I had almost given up hope that Charlie would come. But there he was sitting on the other side of the show. I was so happy. Barbara and I almost had a fit. After the show was over Barbara and I stayed because we didn’t see the first part of the movie. Charlie stayed too. Barb and I kept looking over at him and he was looking back. After we had seen the part of the movie that we had missed we didn’t want to leave. But right after that Charlie left. We waited a few minutes but he didn’t come back. So we got up and we started walking up the isle. I looked over at this person walking up the middle isle and I saw that it was Daddy. I was real mad and embarrassed. I told Barbara not to say anything cause Daddy was here. When we got up to the snack bar Charlie was up there. He looked at us and I looked at him and then we met Daddy so we went out to the car. I was so disappointed I kept watching to see if Charlie would come out but he didn’t. I wonder why he always waits till we leave. I wish I knew and I wish I would see him more than just on Friday night. We saw ‘The Young Doctors’ and ‘Back Street’ They were real good.

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