Miss Norma’s Diary – December 1, 1961 – “Bobby smiled at us, and it really got us shook”


“Today I went to school. After school Barb and i went down the street, at the frosty shop we saw A.T., Barry, Big hick and Steve. Then later we were going by Corenets and we saw Barry sitting in a car. I just looked at him and he looked at me and smiled. Barbara and I couldn’t resist so we went in to the nearest store, then we went back up to Coreenet’s We didn’t look at Barry this time but as we passed he yelled “Baby”. We went in Corenets and in a few minutes we came out and it had started to rain. I looked at Barry and he smiled and said ‘is it wet out there?’ We smiled and said yet. Later when we were in front of Joe’s Barber shop Barry and some other guy drove by and beeped and Barry asked us if we wanted a ride. We said no that we were just going a little way. Then we went in the Bar-B-Q Pit and Bobby smiled at us, and it really got us shook. Then big hick came to work and he kept watching us. And of course we watched him too.

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As we were sitting down at the table Charlie walked by, he looked at me and he turned back again and smiled. A little later (A.T._ walked by and he looked at us. But I didn’t get the least bit jazzed. At night Barbara and I decided to go to the show. So we did. When we got there it had already started. Barry was there, Steve, Don, Larry, A.T., Charlie. Barbara and I went up to the head and when we came back Larry and Ronny was sitting in our seats. So we sat about 5 or 6 rows behind them. Larry kept looking back at us, finally they left so Barbara and I sat back there. Charlie was sitting about 4 rows in front of us and during intermission he turned around and just kept looking at me. Man!! Every time Charlie walked up the isle, I just stared at him and he did the same to me. After the 1st showing was over almost everybody left. But Charlie and A.T. Stayed. Then kept walking all around and then they sat down again. When we left Charlie watched us go up the isle. Well now its Little-hick and Charlie. But I think it may be Charlie a little more. I hope he isn’t like Ralph. And I wish I would see Ralph once in a while. Well, I’ve had a busy day today.


Little hick”

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