Miss Norma’s Diary – December 29, 1961 – “On the way down he grabbed me. I cracked up.”


“Today I stayed home all day. Later on in the late afternoon I went to the store with Ian. At nite Barbara and I went to the show to see ‘Susan Slade’ and ‘Clossess of Rodoes’. They were good. Larry, Vic Sonny and Barry was there Barry walked (by) us (in) the isle and he pushed my hand off the seat. On the way down he grabbed me. I cracked up. Steve and Mike was there too. I did go out for a while today with Mabel. I went to Linda’s and got a blouse. I asked Mommy if Lonny was still here and she said yet. Pat might be pregnant. I hope I get to see Lonny before he goes back home. Mabel said ‘You know the other nite, Lonny was really giving you the eye’ and she said ‘everybody knows about it.’ Kenny has to teeth now. With I would see little Hick once in a while.”

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