Miss Norma’s Diary – December 3, 1961 – “Ian let me drive all by myself”


“Today Barbara and I and Ian went for a ride to La Jolla then we went to Sorento and Ian let me drive all by myself. It was real fun. When we came home Barbara and I went down the street. We went to the Bar-B-Q Pit and only Bobby was working. Then I turned around and little hick was clearing the tables. There was a dirty table next to ours so he had to come over right next to us. When he was through he turned around and looked at me. At night I watched television. We saw this guy drive by and we both said it looked like Ralph. He drive around the side of the bowling alley. So we waited to see if he would go in. Instead he came around the corner right next to us. Ralph looked so different. He had his hair cut and his goatee was gone.”

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