Miss Norma’s Diary – February 16, 1962 – “he said, ‘Why don’t you go and sit up there with Mike?'”


“Today I didn’t go to school at night. I went to the show with Barbara. Barbara and I went driving today. Mike, Barry, that fat guy, A.T., and a lot of other people were there. A.T. Kept looking at us. Barry didn’t pay attention to us until the last of the show. When we were going up the isle Mike called either Barbara or I a slut. But I’m pretty sure he said it to her. So is she. Barry came down and sat behind me, he kept kicking my chair, so I moved. Then he came up there and he said, ‘Why don’t you go and sit up there with Mike?’ I guess he was talking to me”. I don’t know. Barry is getting worse instead of better and pretty soon I don’t think I will care what the hell he does. I wish he wouldn’t go around with Mike. I called Barry a f**cker tonight because he said something to me. I think he called me a pig. I want to go to the show tomorrow night. Maybe Mike won’t be there. But maybe Barry won’t be either. But Ralph might be.”

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