Miss Norma’s Diary – February 18, 1962 – “Mike yelled out “Baby” and he gave us the finger and they drove off.”


“Today Barbara and I were going down the street and we saw Ralph in his car, he was about to drive away but when he saw us, he waited and when we got up there we had to walk in in back of his car. Man….was I jazzed. Then we saw Charlie drive by, he had a girl with him but she wasn’t sitting next to him. She had a little kid sitting on her lap. Then later, we saw Charlie drive by with A.T. Then we were going up the street and Ralph and Barry and Mike drove up and stopped. Barry said, “What are you doing, where you going” Then he said, “want a ride’. We said no. Mike yelled out “Baby” and he gave us the finger and they drove off.

Then a few minutes later, they drove by again and they had a girl with them. She was up front with Ralph but she was sitting by the door. Barbara and I were mad. But we were sure glad that girl wasn’t sitting by Ralph or in between Barry and Ralph. Barry was in the back seat. Then they drove by once more ad they were messing off. At night, Barbara and I went down to her house cause she had to get some clothes to wear tomorrow and I wanted to see if Barry and Ralph would come over to Mike’s. About 8:00 o’clock I was looking out of the window and I saw Ralph’s car coming and it stopped at Mike’s house. I yelled to Barbara, “There’s Ralph” and I was trying to get over to the door to get out to see Ralph but Barbara was so excited she wouldn’t move so I couldn’t get to the door. Anyway, Mike jumped out of Ralph’s car and Ralph drove off real fast. We were both shook.

This after noon we were at Barbara’s house and we played records. We had the record player turned up real loud and we were dancing and we had the front door open. Joy came over but we didn’t answer the door. We sure did have a blast today. We walked home from Barbara’s house. We walked by Barry’s but didn’t see anybody. We also saw Bennie and Asa. Wally and Ray drove by and peeped the horn. I saw Bruce and Don today.”

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