Miss Norma’s Diary – February 19, 1962 – “I just feel, all the time, that I have nothing but worries on my mind”


“Today I got all ready to go to school and it started raining. So Connie and I stayed home. We were real happy. She went home about 1:30. After Barbara got home we went down the street. A.T. was in the record store. Later, Charlie drove by and he looked at us. When we went up by the bowling alley that fat guy that Barry and Ralph go around with was out there and he started yelling to us. Then when we had walked a little farther, we looked back and Ralph was out there with him. They were watching us. When we walked by there, Ralph was us at Dave’s car. We walked by there a few times then we gave up. We hadn’t seen Barry at all so far, at least if we did, we didn’t know about it. he might have been up at Dave’s car. When we were down the street, I saw this guy sitting in the in the Hi Sea Cafe. I stared at him and he stared at me. He was real cute and Barbara knew who he was. Then later we saw Charlie again, he looked at us as he drove by. Barbara and I got jazzed.

I saw Don today and the other Don today. Last night I dreamt about (the second) Don, Barry and Ralph. When I was laying on my bed today listening to my records, I almost started crying. I just feel, all the time that I have nothing but worries on my mind. When Barb and I were down the street today, it started raining, just then Barbara’s folks drove by so they took us home. When we got out of the car at Barbara’s house, I saw Ralph and that fat guy walking the way I go home. So Barbara and I jumped in the car and we drove by Ralph. We peeped the horn at them. I was so nervous. I didn’t look but Barbara said Ralph looked. When I looked back, Ralph was not looking. I really got disappointed then. So, Barbara brought me home and I started drinking and it made me feel terrible. Barry’s address: (omitted) And Ralph’s is (omitted) Ralph’s car licence is: (omitted)

Barbara and I walked by the Bar-B-Q Pit today and I think I saw Little Hick working in there. At night, I stayed home and watched television. It was very boring. I wanted to go down to Barbara’s house but I don’t think she wanted to watch and see if Ralph would come over to Mike’s. I don’t know why it wouldn’t do me much if he did. I am so jazzed on Barry. I feel terrible all the home. How lousy.”

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