Miss Norma’s Diary – January 19, 1962 – “Then Barry said ‘why won’t you go out with me – cause I’ll try something?'”


“Today I didn’t go to school I washed my hair. At night I stayed home and watched T.V. Barbara went to school today but her cold is gottin’ worse. At 10:00 pm Barry called me up. He asked me why I didn’t go to the show. Then he asked me to go out with him. I said no and he got mad and he kept asking me why. Then he said – – would you go out with Ralph. I said no. He said why. Then Ralph said in the background ‘cause she’s too good for us.’ I said no it wasn’t that. Then Barry said ‘why won’t you go out with me – cause I’ll try something?; and I said no and he said ‘well, I will.’ I was really nervous. Then Ralph said ‘ain’t my car good enough for you?’ Barry kept sayin’ god dam and Ralph kept talking in the background. I hope I don’t see either of them at the show tomorrow night or any other time.

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