Miss Norma’s Diary – July 14, 1960 – “P.S. I like dollface too!”


“Miniature golf course again! We handed Troy Larry our cards and he said to us, ‘Well you had a pretty prosperous night last night’, (meaning the cards) and then he smiled then we played the game as fast as we could.  When we were through playing we sat on the counter for a long time.  Larry was there by himself. Then later his mom and dad came and Larry left.

I watched Larry as he ran to his car – the way he runs – it cracks me up but it suits him because he’s such a darling. I think Larry’s father likes me but I don’t know about his mother. I guess she likes me. Well, at least I hope she likes me.  Well, nothing else very interesting happened so I’ll write tomorrow. . .

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. . .P.S. I like dollface too! (heart)

P.P.S. Last night at home I didn’t get a wink of sleep thinking about Larry.

Norma + Larry” – End

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