Miss Norma’s Diary – July 15, 1960 – “and then he smiled real big”


“Barbara and I went down to the M.G. (Miniature Golf) and Larry was there by himself.  When we first came up to the office, Larry smiled and talked to us. Then Ray asked us if he could have one of our free games and we said ‘no’ and then he said ‘that’s not fair you should give me one’ and Larry said ‘that’s not the way they look at it’ and we laughed. . .

. . .Then Barb wanted to use my radio so she went to get it out of my purse and Ray saw my movie magazines and he said, “Well see you got some nude books” and Barb said ‘no’ and Larry laughed. . .

. . . After a while somebody hit the ball at the 19th hole and it didn’t go in the box, so Larry had to go in the cage and get it, and on the way in there he said to us, ” I wish people would hit the balls harder,” and then he smiled real big.  When Larry was in the cage I said to him, ” I think I’ll lock you in – ” and he smiled. Later Larry was talking to some boys. . .

. . .They were trying to guess where Larry worked. He works in a liquor store. . .

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. . . Norma + Troy Larry”

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