Miss Norma’s Diary – July 30, 1960 – “I found out that Malcolm is going to college in San Francisco”


“Today Barbara and I went to La Jolla again and we went up by Mal’s house. His car was there. We were standing on the corner and then we walked by their house again and when we were right across the street from it, Mrs. Richards drove by in the Lincoln. We both saw her but Barbara turned around and started walking the other way and then she hid behind a bush. A little later we went home. Then at night, Bill and me went down to the M.G.C. and Mr and Mrs. Richards was there. . . 

. . .Bill stood there and talked to them for a while then we played M.G. . .

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. . .Then when we were through Bill talked to them again. I found out that Malcolm is going to college in San Francisco. . .

. . . When we were through playing the first game of M.G., I looked up and saw Mal’s car go by but he did not come to M.G. I pray that Mal won’t go to college because he’ll be gone about 4 years and I could not stand not seeing him for that long.”

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