This Meal Will Create Perfect Blood!

Pomalt is a meal with 3 simple ingredients that when mixed together provide all 14 elements that the blood needs in order to maintain perfect health indefinitely.  Sounds hard to believe, right?  Well, studies were conducted approximately 100 years ago that prove how important it is to feed your blood these 14 elements. Nothing more and nothing less. So, what does this mean?  Well, if the food that is daily fed to the human body were to contain all the fourteen elements in their proper combinations, and no other elements, the following results would be attained:

  • You could not make a body sick by any means you could devise.
  • A body that is built of these fourteen elements is perfectly immune against all disease, no matter how virulent, and no matter what the exposure. It is simply impossible for disease to secure a foothold for there is no soil in which its germs can take growth.  In all germ maladies two things are required: germs and soil. No germs can grow without the soil; and there is no germ soil in any of the fourteen elements.

There are two other elements which are found in the human body: Iodine and Maganese and they are intended by Nature to make a balance when some of the main 14 elements may be lacking.  Thus, if all the main elements are present and in proper balance, Iodine and Maganese are not required and may be absent at all times. With that said, it’s no surprise these days why we need Iodine salt in our diets due to our lack of the 14 elements necessary to maintain our health. However, we can change all of that by adopting this one dish (Pomalt). But first, let’s find out why this is so important:

According to the book “Complete Life Building” (1929) experiments were conducted to test the miraculous properties of perfect blood (blood fed with ONLY the 14 elements. Nothing More. Nothing Less).  In these experiments, this “perfect blood” was fed to dead cells and dead body parts.  In this case, the human body used was a victim of a gun shot to the head.  His body was preserved on ice for 6 months and then parts were re-heated to body temperature and fed pure blood:
  • Cells: By feeding a cell perfect blood, growth began to take place by wrapping itself about a tiny portion of food (blood) and absorbing it and then splitting itself in half.
  • Bones: In another case, pieces of bone taken from an animal that had recently died was fed perfect blood and they continued the work of creating bone cells by which it added to itself.  Also, when fed blood that was NOT perfect the bone refused to take any part of it and simply stopped growing.
  • Skin: Skin (like bone) is made up of countless cells and when it was fed perfect blood it was woven at once by the skin into additional skin.  However, this growing piece of skin was setback when lard, fried food, pastry etc. was added to the blood (no longer perfect). Also, it died at once when the slightest breath of tobacco fumes was exhaled over it and never returned to growth again (even after “perfect blood” was reintroduced).
  • Stomach, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs: The same perfect blood was given to all of these parts of the body and each began to build more of its kind, the liver built liver, the kidney built kidney and so on.
  • Brains: It absorbed a small part of the perfect blood and thus built more tissue exactly like its own – brain fiber. However, when just one element was lacking, no matter what, the brain refused to build tissue.
  • Making The Heart Beat: Fragments of heart were placed on slides and fed perfect blood and they began to build new cells . They not only began to build more heart tissue but they all began to contract and expand just like whole hearts in living bodies!

Summary of Experiments:

If a piece of any part of the human body that had been put away in cold storage for many months only to be removed, given warmth and fed “perfect blood” will spring to life again (as had been amply proved) then it is certain that the same part of the human body that, when alive and given perfect food, will live on indefinitely because what a small, dead part will do, a living and whole body will surely do!

All that is required for “perfect blood” is perfect food!

With that said, here is the one dish with three ingredients that supplies all 14 elements needed for the human body to live and thrive indefinitely:


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