Why An Occupation Is More Than Just A Job

These words were re-created from an old book:

The Royal Path Of Life


We all have employments to pay our obligations in this life, however, this happens to be my occupation (that which occupies my time).  Without it, a poor man constantly wants more and a rich man is relentlessly tormented with boredom.  That is, men and women with no business in this world (nothing to do) are absolute pests to society.  They look at hundreds of things and see nothing. I have worked as well as wished, labored as well as prayed to be in a position to perform all duties of my occupation.


The world is full of those who are disgusted with their vocations, getting their living by their weakness instead of their strength.  The are doomed to hopeless inferiority. The only true method is to adopt a natural progression. Otherwise, when the crisis comes, this artificial character will break down, failing at the very time when it is most wanted.

However, when one steals midnight moments to practice music and another copies whole books of studies by moonlight, not spurred on by the paychecks so worshipped in our society, then we become what nature intended and therefore, we are a success. To be anything else, you will be ten thousand times worse than nothing.

An unoccupied man cannot be happy, nor can one who is improperly occupied. They are examples of dishonest living; hypocrites, shining in stolen and false colors; vampires, eating out the life of the community. Frown upon them and learn in your heart to despise their course in life. They have no trade, no object before them, nothing to do and yet have a great desire to do something worthy of themselves. They waste their time, energies and great earnings in endless changes and wanderings. They have not the stimulus of a fixed object to fasten their attention and awaken their energies. They grasp at random at a hundred things and catch nothing.

Purpose must be followed by action. However, the choosing of an occupation is not a small thing. Therefore, CHOOSE WISELY!