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The Only Food You’ll Ever Need! eBook

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This book will give you what no other has done in generations. Yes, there was a time when this information was being spread like wildfire and yet, it was also at a time in our history when doctors and prescription medications were coming into the mainstream for the first time. Can you honestly tell me that doctors want you to be healthy? Do you know how much money they could lose? However, what we gain when we have perfect health is so much more valuable than all of the money that is in the world today. Also, you will end up saving a ton of money by following this path because you will never find yourself with the flu, a sore throat, headaches, migraines, indigestion, heart burn or any other ailments that burden us the way we have been burdened by our makeshift society so far:


1930’s Handwritten Medical Journals Ebook – A real life Grey’s Anatomy!

You are looking at two handwritten journals from the 1930s which have been digitized for your viewing pleasure into one ebook!  The journals were titled “Surgery” which makes it a real life Grey’s Anatomy! Now, you can check out what students were learning in the early part of the century – You won’t find anything else like it! This is one of a kind collection of handwritten pages that look just like this:


Method for the Guitar – M. Carcassi – 1884 – Ebook

This is the very first and most important guitar book that has ever been written. So much so that it is still the method that is used today! This ebook has been scanned from an original copy of this book that was written in the late 1800s. Also, it is divided into English AND French! So, it was definitely written at a time when this method was used worldwide and now it has been formatted to fit your digital lifestyle:



12 Strange Things From The Past That Were Once Considered Normal

We didn’t get to our modern society by not trying new things but when you take a look at what some of these things were all about, you will wonder how we even became modern to begin with! The truth is, it hasn’t been an easy road but that’s part of what makes us human and now we can look back on all of these strange things and be glad that we made it to the civilization that we have become today. Take a look:

1. Getting a suntan at a vending machine – 1949

Image Source
Image Source

This looks like the kind of thing that many people would be lining up to do! Let’s just hope that they were putting toxic chemicals on their skin. . .

2. Massaging breasts with water – 1930

Image Source
Image Source

Hey, we do this in the shower all the time, right? However, it does seem weird to see it done like this.

3. Hair straightening – 1960s

Image Source
Image Source

This is the kind of thing that your mother and grandmother talks about and this is what it looked like while they were getting their hair straightened.

4. Cocaine for toothaches – 1885

Image Source
Image Source

Yeah, I’m sure the cocaine was capable of taking away a lot of aches and pains.

5. A church on wheels – 1922

Image Source
Image Source

This way, if you can’t find God, he’ll find you!

6. Largest omelet in the world – 1931

Image Source
Image Source

This person wanted to break a record by making the large omelet in the world so she was put in a giant frying pan and also had large pieces of bacon strapped to her feed before adding 7,200 eggs! I hope she didn’t cook up with it all.

7. Children having fun – 1973

Image Source
Image Source

Kids do all sorts of crazy things to entertain themselves but this one looks pretty sketchy.

8. The talking head – 1860s

Image Source
Image Source

This is an automaton Euphonia and it was capable of imitating your speech! Pretty creepy.

9. Kids used for cigarette ads – 1960s.


Image Source
Image Source

According to these ads, smoking will help you to be a better mom!

10. Keeping your child safe – 1940s

Image Source
Image Source

An early car seat for a small child. Pretty impressive!

11. Creating a caveman at Walt Disney Studios – 1964

Image Source
Image Source

This was done for the New York World’s Fair and it looks pretty technical for the time.

12. A babysitter – 19th century

Image Source
Image Source

Well, most parents do this with their child at some point and it looks like a lot of fun for this child. However, we know that this babysitter probably wasn’t having a great time with all of this. . .

The Best 45 Record Titles EVER Put Together!

There was a time when songs were released on these small 45 records which usually contained a hit song on one side and lesser known song on the other. So, the only thing that a person had back then were two songs to choose from per record. For that reason, being an avid music lover was a huge commitment because one would have to hang out next to their record player all day with a pile of titles to flip and change song after song in order to keep an even flow of music pumping into their lives. So, out of all of these records that I have come across recently, these were the ones that stood out to me as being an odd combination of titles on one record! Here are my favorite song title comparisons so far:

1. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine – Won’t You Forgive Me:

Those who are familiar with the history of abuse that Tina sustained by Ike will find these titles a bit telling of their relationship in retrospect. However, at the time, no one knew that any of this was taking place! It was Tina Turner who ultimately saved herself from his grasp and it’s a very heroic story. Another thing that I found interesting was her fight with him in court over his last name. She wanted nothing from him financially but because the world already knew her as Tina Tuner, it was important for her to keep that name! Of course, he told her that she didn’t deserve that name but justice prevailed and she went on to have a very successful solo career as Tina Turner.

2. Do You Wanna Dance – Big Fat Woman:

2018-03-26 18.39.59

Well, this is hardly the way to ask a woman to dance! Besides, Bobby should be so lucky to have a curvy woman to hold onto during a dance.

3. She’s My Baby – It’s Too Late:

2018-03-26 18.39.36

You have to wonder why he was so convinced in the first place. . . Or else, he just gave up too easily! On one side, he’s pretty happy about his situation and on the other side, he’s just sad :(

4. Make It Easy On Yourself – Goin’ Out Of My Head:

2018-03-26 18.39.08

I found it ironic that on one side of this record, it’s giving me some sage advice but when you flip it over,  you have to wonder who’s giving this sort of advice!

5. I Don’t Want To Be Hurt Anymore – People:

2018-03-26 18.38.47

Nobody understands that he just doesn’t want to be hurt anymore. . .

6. I Need Your Love Tonight – A Fool Such As I:

2018-03-26 18.38.17

Well, this doesn’t sound like a very good pick up line from the King of Rock n’ Roll!

7. You’re No Good – I Can’t Help It:

2018-03-26 18.37.53

This is the story that many women have told themselves in their lives concerning at least one man that they should have never been involved with. . .

8. He Knows I Love Him Too Much – A Lonely Girl’s Prayer:

2018-03-26 18.36.30

Yeah, any girl knows that loving a man too much will only end in her being alone. . . So, keep your feelings to yourself and don’t ever let him know!

9. Wedding Bell Blues – Stoney End:

2018-03-26 18.36.02

It’s true, a lot of people have negative feelings about marriage but it sounds like this one should have never taken place to begin with because, in this case, the ‘Stoney End’ sounded pretty inevitable!

10. A Thing Of The Past – What A Sweet Thing That Was:

2018-03-26 18.35.26

This one sounds like a man who’s reminiscing about a woman he once had the pleasure of knowing!

11. Trouble Is My Middle Name – Let’s Kiss And Make Up:

2018-03-26 18.34.55

Well, Bobby is pretty much warning anyone who gets close that he’s gonna break your heart but the other side tells us that it’s going to be hard to let him go!

12. Is It Really Love? – Where Were You (on our Wedding day)?:

2018-03-26 18.34.27

Well, I’m guessing that the love wasn’t real and the fact that she never showed up on your wedding day proves this.

13. Anita, You’re Dreaming – It’s Over:

2018-03-26 18.33.57

Jimmie is trying to send a message to Anita who may still be thinking that there’s hope in this relationship. Get the hint lady!

14. Is There Anything I Can Do – Softly As I Leave You:

2018-03-26 18.33.26

These might just be the best break up words that I have ever heard!

15. I Beg Of You – Don’t:

2018-03-26 18.32.58

Elvis sounded like he was a pretty tormented man. . . nobody listened.

16. Gonna Build A Mountain – What Kind Of Fool Am I:

2018-03-26 18.31.51

A pretty big one!

17. Just The Way You Are – Get It Right The First Time:

2018-03-26 18.16.40

Yeah, these are the guys you have to look out for. . . they act like you’re perfect “Just The Way You Are” but as time goes on. . . you can’t do anything right for him!

18. Shakin’ All Over – Till We Kissed:

2018-03-26 18.32.33

In this case, the anticipation of the kiss was way better than the actual kiss. . .

19. Behave Yourself – Green Onions:

2018-03-26 18.31.02

Yeah, this is how we all speak to our digestive parts after we eat these.

20. Song For A Summer Night – Lonely Surfer:

2018-03-26 18.30.33

Then he surfed one last time. . . into the ocean blue.

21. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me – My Heart Sings:

2018-03-26 18.17.04

This dude is super positive about romance and love!

22. You’re Still A Young Man – Skating On Thin Ice:

2018-03-26 18.15.57

Advice for young men who live recklessly!

23. Have A Good Time – Fooled Around And Fell In Love:

2018-03-26 18.15.29

So, he went out to have a good time but when he fooled around, he fell in love!

24. Soul Vaccination – This Time It’s Real:

2018-03-26 18.15.05

I don’t know. . . I’ve been fooled by this gimmick before!

So, there you have it! I will continue to add more as I come across them. Thanks for reading!


Miss Norma’s Diary – February 19, 1962 – “I just feel, all the time, that I have nothing but worries on my mind”


“Today I got all ready to go to school and it started raining. So Connie and I stayed home. We were real happy. She went home about 1:30. After Barbara got home we went down the street. A.T. was in the record store. Later, Charlie drove by and he looked at us. When we went up by the bowling alley that fat guy that Barry and Ralph go around with was out there and he started yelling to us. Then when we had walked a little farther, we looked back and Ralph was out there with him. They were watching us. When we walked by there, Ralph was us at Dave’s car. We walked by there a few times then we gave up. We hadn’t seen Barry at all so far, at least if we did, we didn’t know about it. he might have been up at Dave’s car. When we were down the street, I saw this guy sitting in the in the Hi Sea Cafe. I stared at him and he stared at me. He was real cute and Barbara knew who he was. Then later we saw Charlie again, he looked at us as he drove by. Barbara and I got jazzed.

I saw Don today and the other Don today. Last night I dreamt about (the second) Don, Barry and Ralph. When I was laying on my bed today listening to my records, I almost started crying. I just feel, all the time that I have nothing but worries on my mind. When Barb and I were down the street today, it started raining, just then Barbara’s folks drove by so they took us home. When we got out of the car at Barbara’s house, I saw Ralph and that fat guy walking the way I go home. So Barbara and I jumped in the car and we drove by Ralph. We peeped the horn at them. I was so nervous. I didn’t look but Barbara said Ralph looked. When I looked back, Ralph was not looking. I really got disappointed then. So, Barbara brought me home and I started drinking and it made me feel terrible. Barry’s address: (omitted) And Ralph’s is (omitted) Ralph’s car licence is: (omitted)

Barbara and I walked by the Bar-B-Q Pit today and I think I saw Little Hick working in there. At night, I stayed home and watched television. It was very boring. I wanted to go down to Barbara’s house but I don’t think she wanted to watch and see if Ralph would come over to Mike’s. I don’t know why it wouldn’t do me much if he did. I am so jazzed on Barry. I feel terrible all the home. How lousy.”

2018-08-02 09.37.56

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Miss Norma’s Diary – February 18, 1962 – “Mike yelled out “Baby” and he gave us the finger and they drove off.”


“Today Barbara and I were going down the street and we saw Ralph in his car, he was about to drive away but when he saw us, he waited and when we got up there we had to walk in in back of his car. Man….was I jazzed. Then we saw Charlie drive by, he had a girl with him but she wasn’t sitting next to him. She had a little kid sitting on her lap. Then later, we saw Charlie drive by with A.T. Then we were going up the street and Ralph and Barry and Mike drove up and stopped. Barry said, “What are you doing, where you going” Then he said, “want a ride’. We said no. Mike yelled out “Baby” and he gave us the finger and they drove off.

Then a few minutes later, they drove by again and they had a girl with them. She was up front with Ralph but she was sitting by the door. Barbara and I were mad. But we were sure glad that girl wasn’t sitting by Ralph or in between Barry and Ralph. Barry was in the back seat. Then they drove by once more ad they were messing off. At night, Barbara and I went down to her house cause she had to get some clothes to wear tomorrow and I wanted to see if Barry and Ralph would come over to Mike’s. About 8:00 o’clock I was looking out of the window and I saw Ralph’s car coming and it stopped at Mike’s house. I yelled to Barbara, “There’s Ralph” and I was trying to get over to the door to get out to see Ralph but Barbara was so excited she wouldn’t move so I couldn’t get to the door. Anyway, Mike jumped out of Ralph’s car and Ralph drove off real fast. We were both shook.

This after noon we were at Barbara’s house and we played records. We had the record player turned up real loud and we were dancing and we had the front door open. Joy came over but we didn’t answer the door. We sure did have a blast today. We walked home from Barbara’s house. We walked by Barry’s but didn’t see anybody. We also saw Bennie and Asa. Wally and Ray drove by and peeped the horn. I saw Bruce and Don today.”

2018-08-02 09.34.15

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Miss Norma’s Diary – February 17, 1962 – “Every time we walked by Mike he would say, ‘Baby'”


“Today Barb and I were in the record store and Ralph came in. Then we were going down the street and Charlie drove by. He looked at us. Then later Barbara and I had the car and we were driving all around. We saw Ralph’s car parked on Loring Street but we don’t know which house is his. At night, Barbara and I went to the show. Mike was there and so was Charlie and A.T. Every time we walked by Mike he would say, “Baby” Charlie kept looking at us and we looked at him too.”

2018-08-02 09.33.02


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37 Vintage Pin Up Tool Girls – 80s & 90s – Makita – Skil – Chapin – Hitachi

Well, we haven’t seen these posters in a while! They are the remains of a “man cave” exhibition from decades gone by. In fact, these posters were taken down from one such “man cave” in which the wife decided that enough was enough! Therefore, this guy reluctantly took down these posters from his garage but instead of throwing them all away, he let them all go for one price at a yard sale! This was my opportunity to get my hands on a ton of posters that will probably never been seen again. I’ve searched the internet and only found only a few of these hot babes who apparently enjoyed being in a bikini while working their industrial strength power tools and equipment made by Makita, Skil and others. . .

Also, there’s no real preservation going on with these poster and so they were well worn with holes as they have been placed and replaced on the walls of one man’s garage for about 30 years. So, the best that I could do was photograph them and preserve them here on

Vintage Tool Girl Calendars From the 80s & 90s


Many of these posters were double sided and one of them even has a signature from the Tool Girl featured on the white bikini poster. Apparently, these women were chosen to be the official (sexy) representatives (models) for these companies and were often present at trade shows, signing their posters for the men who used these tools. Obviously, these women were far from inclined to use any of these tools themselves and when you take a look at some of these posters, you will see how ridiculous they look posing with some of them. Also, there’s nothing about these posters which indicates the quality of the tool but for whatever reason, that did not matter. These days, people are less likely to be swayed into purchasing these tools based on these posters alone but don’t forget that they doubled as calendars so that they served a purpose on the walls of any man’s garage or shop for an entire year! Now, let’s start with some of these posters from the 80s:

1986 Calendar Poster Pin Up Tool Girl – Makita

2018-06-06 06.40.47

We all recognize this decade from the hair alone but when combined with the high cut bathing suit, it’s a classic 80s girl look!

1987 Makita Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.39.55

That’s a big drill for such a little lady!

Early 80s Rainbow Bathing Suit:

2018-06-06 06.39.04

No date on this poster but when combined with the rest, my guess is early 80s and that’s because of the 70s vibe that it still has.

1993 Page Langton – Makita Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.37.20

She was a model and fitness queen who obviously got this gig as a Makita girl!

1992 Makita Power Tool Girl – It’s All The Power You Need!

2018-06-06 06.35.46

She wears this drill on her imaginary holster.

Makita 1987 Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.34.26

They must have had some training on how to hold these power tools.

1989 Miss Makita Eastern Region – Donna Stokes:

2018-06-06 06.31.28

That looks like a pretty uncomfortable seat but she does look pretty in pink!

Makita Generator 1991:

2018-06-06 06.29.37

This would be the place in which a generator would come in handy.

1982 Calendar Girl:

2018-06-06 06.28.56

A beautiful setting for a beautiful lady!

The Prettiest Power Tool Girl – 1992:

2018-06-06 06.21.35

Out of all the hotties in these posters, this lady is the prettiest and it’s not just based on how she’s holding the drill. . .

1989 Makita Power Tool Calendar Poster:

2018-06-06 06.23.02

A lot of these posters show plenty wear from being pinned up and relocated several times.

1989 Makita Power Tool Poster Calendar:

2018-06-06 06.23.45

She’s climbing this short ladder to success as a power tool girl!

1990 Signed Poster – Makita Power Tool Girl Sophia:

2018-06-06 06.24.37

Her last name was ripped off the bottom of this poster. She signed it: Sophia

1984 Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.26.35

Her ability to model and prepare to power screw at the same time is amazing!

1989 Power Tool Girl With Rainbow Bikini:

2018-06-06 06.20.30

She’s sanding down this vintage, blue chair to paint it pink!

1982 Power Tool Girl Suzy Q. with Fringe Bathing Suit:

2018-06-06 06.19.53

She looks more like Pocahontas and apparently, she doesn’t even need a power tool to be the poster girl for Makita Power Tools!

1981 Power Tool Pin Up Girl:

2018-06-06 06.18.22

Another pretty lady holding a big drill!

1993 Page Langton with a Makita Generator:

2018-06-06 06.16.11

This woman did a lot of modeling for this company!

1991 Power Drill Makita Pin Up Girl:

2018-06-06 06.17.20

Barefoot and ready to drill out massive rocks that stand in her way!

1986 Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.12.54

She looks cute in yellow and the yellow butterfly in her hair is a nice touch.

Makita – It’s All The Power You Need:

2018-06-06 06.11.57

Cordless would be the way to go when you’re working in your hot pink bikini trimmed with yellow. No date on this poster but I’m willing to bet that it’s from the 80s.

1985 Hard Hat Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.11.05

We can hardly believe that she’s standing standing on iron in high heels. No Ironworker is capable of doing this!

1993 Page Langton:

2018-06-06 06.09.17

Just another sexy day around the home, fixing up whatever needs to be done! No time to button the shirt. . .there’s lots of stapling and drilling to do!

Not a tool poster – But a Dust Poster:

2018-06-06 06.08.39

This California Car Duster Company spared no expense when it was time to advertise for their product.

Chapin Sprayer Pin Up Poster:

2018-06-06 06.04.19

The waterfall and yellow bikini are essential selling tools for this product.

Chapin Sprayer with black bikini:

2018-06-06 06.04.52

This is a big job and all it takes is this little sprayer to do it.

1984 Calendar Skil Sand Grinder Pin Up Girl:

2018-06-06 06.05.37

It’s clear that she is getting down to business.

Skil Calander Girl 1989:

2018-06-06 06.06.49

Just fixing up some things before going on a night out!

1989 Skil Calendar Poster:

2018-06-06 06.07.29

Going to work now!

1987 Skil Poster Calendar Pin Up Girl with Overalls:

2018-06-06 05.59.12

“Oops! Did I forget to put a shirt on under my overalls?” Don’t worry about it pretty little lady, just keep working hard!

1987 Skil Calendar Poster Pin Up Girl in Plaid Shirt:

2018-06-06 05.59.44

She loves to sand the floor!

The Boss – Hitachi:

2018-06-06 06.01.08

This would have been my bathing suit of choice in those days. . . very sporty!

Red Hot Bikini Girl – 1986 Skil Calendar Poster:

2018-06-06 06.01.41

Even after all of these years, this picture is still very appealing.

1991 Skil Professional Power Tools Poster:

2018-06-06 06.02.27

The 90s are starting to be a letdown. . .

1988 Skil Calendar Poster Pin Up Girl:

2018-06-06 05.57.57

The perfect outfit for the job. . . Love the jean skirt!

1991 Skil Professional Power Tools Poster Girl:

2018-06-06 05.57.05

Oh my! There’s just too much here that needs to stay in the past! Not a fan of the jeans in this photo. I also don’t like the hair or the face on this woman! Even the jacket is pretty bad except for some side boob. . .

1988 Power Tool Break Time – Pin Up Girl:

2018-06-06 05.55.29

Don’t forget to take a break (eat an apple) and check out some more, vintage images here at! Thanks for reading! Please share this article to those who will appreciate it.

The World’s First Meme Was Created In 1921!

We call it a meme but of course there was no such thing back then. Just check out the use of the word “flashlight” to signify a photograph in this comic from 1921!

A “flashlight” means a photo:

Image Source
Image Source

Therefore, when we use the word “meme” today, we are talking about a phrase that was first coined by a fellow named Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book ‘The Selfish Gene’ in which he stated that a memes were “ideas that spread from brain to brain.” However, during these modern times, the Oxford English Dictionary defines memes as images, videos or text that are passed among internet users with apparent variations.

This meme was first published in Judge magazine in July 1921


Therefore, a single image cannot be a meme. Only one that is copied and spread (or shared) with variations to the original image. In that way, they become a part of a creative collective that others get to enjoy either by relating to the meme or else, re-creating it with different variations. For example:

One internet user took the original meme above and substituted these words:

Therefore, one of these old comics, alone, is not a meme but when more than one is being printed in this same style, over and over again, it starts to take on the characterizes of a meme (in its earliest form) by using two panels and captions to create a contrast between expectation and reality. Here’s another example of a meme that came out in the early 1920’s in the Wisconsin Octopus:

Arranging A Date Meme:

Image Source
Image Source

As you can see, the set-up is the same. A two panel contrast between expectation and reality is made with words to describe each panel. In this way, we can see that the creators of these comics were way ahead of their time!