20+ Old Photos Of Proud Automobile Owners!

Well, I don’t know too much about automobiles except how they make me feel when I’m driving one that looks and runs great! So, I’m not the kind of person who can point out every make, model, or year that I come across but that doesn’t diminish the fact that automobile ownership is, by far, the highest level of freedom that any, average person can obtain for themselves.  For that reason, we take great pride in our vehicles because they provide us with the most basic of all our rights. . . That’s why they call it, “The Freedom of the open road. ” A place where each one of us is in control of our own destiny. Now, try to imagine a time when having a vehicle was Absolutey Everything! That’s what these pictures impress upon me: The evolution of Freedom and Pride!

1. All he needs in life are these cars and this dog.


If you look closely at the car to the  right,  you will notice that someone is tinkering with the motor.

2. Women and machinery just don’t mix!


Unless you are this confident lady who just might have the good manners to give you a courtesy honk before she nearly runs you over!

3. This one comes with a spare!


In the unlikely event that she drives off the road and damages one of her other, four tires…..

4. Going on a picnic.


Our automobiles often take us on mini day-vacations.

5. There’s room for everyone in this vehicle!


This reminds me of The Beverly Hillbillies! (If you don’t know that reference,  you’re on the wrong website…Just kidding) We’re all here to learn… So, please stay tuned to PrintFromVintage.com where we explore our huge fascination for Old pics, papers, and other memorabilia from our former, collective lives.

6. This automobile is part of the family.


This ride was probably their most valuable asset and nobody was shy to include this good fortune in these family pics.

7. Split rear window slug bug!


Okay, I already admitted to having little to no knowledge of vehicles…. but I think I’m right about this, if not, my bad! Just share this article and give me the information that I often lack about this subject. I do like how it comes with 3 generations of women on its bumper. Remarkable!

8. Come on, now!


This is Independence in the making! Who needs a man when you have a car and the open road?!

9. Kids and cars.


Most parents were so proud of their children that they often posed them upon their most prized posession….

10. This guy looks good in his uniform.


Thank you for your service and thanks to the community and loved ones who support all service members everyday thereafter! Let’s just give them all new cars!

11. Another proud car owner….


….and parent! The American dream, right here.

12. Cars are their lives!


This looks (to me) like a place that works on anything with an engine.

13. The casual pose….


In most cases,  you probably only had one shot at getting a good pic of yourself.  So, she gave it all she had. Well done!

14. Another Day-cation!


I’m guessing that dad is taking this photo of his family enjoying a day out together.

15. Yes, there is a car in this pic.


There’s also a home, a picket fence, and a new family….The perfect life!

16. Nice photo!


The first thing that I noticed was the front end of that pickup truck behind her….

17. Road trip!


A perfect pic of them in their Freedomobile!

18. Oh yeah, he’s got two of them!


No wonder he looks so content.

19. One automobile for every kid!


Sounds reasonable to me!

20. Set the parking break….


Now, position the baby in front of the vehicle for another, adorable pose!

21. Visiting family.


Having a vehicle keeps families close.

22. Hunting for food.


This guy loaded up his meal in the trunk of his Mercury! Thanks to his car, he’s a self sustained man.

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