Information from these old books can provide tremendous value in your life!

Please preserve old books and read them often.


The Perfect Voice Can Happen For Anyone!

The Perfect Voice in 30 Lessons! These lessons have been around since the early 1900s. However, like many other wonderful contributions ...
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Does Laminating A Vintage Book Ruin It?

Those of us who collect old, vintage and antique books know that the real value in these books is in ...
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Provenance – Antique Books Owned By Famous People Of The Past!

What Is Provenance? If you love old books then it's no surprise to you to find it full of markings and ...
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How To Live Long – Introduction – by W.W. Hall (copyright 1875)

Health Is A Duty Health is a topic that never grows old because many of us wish to live long lives ...
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Digestive Disorders – Causes and Cures – The Fastest Way To Health!

In health, the digestive functions are carried on without pain. A healthy person is not aware of the work being ...
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Actress Helen Mirren’s Workout Comes From This Vintage Canadian Air Force Fitness Book! Try It Now:

This information comes from the 'Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plans For Physical Fitness' book from 1962. It is a physical ...
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Poet From 1800s – Lucy Larcome Signture

< Previous Page Lucy Larcom: Copyright 2016 JazminMae/ConStancEMaE/PrintFromVintage Who's Lucy Larcom? In 1846, she would've been a 20-year-old maiden living in the state ...
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Home Is The First School Of Citizenship – ‘The Good Citizen’ 1924

This is 'A Textbook In Social And Vocational Civics' by Walter and Frances Hepner and it was published in 1924. The ...
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‘Old Book Binding’ By Hand (Step by Step with Pics)

There was a time when book binding was done by hand and with great care. These days most of our ...
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A Unique Way To Display Old Books

I picked up this old chest at a yard sale in the mountains of Northern California. Inside the lid was ...
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