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Post Card – Advance General Headquarters – American Expeditionary Forces

Treves, Germany.

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With The Colors

Spirit of Washington Look down

Upon this ancient German town

And see the flag you loved fly free

Upon the spire of Monarchy.

Where Porta Nigra’s olden gate

Still stands in sombre ruinous state,

The officers of the U.S.A.

Go briskly to and fro each day.

And soldiers, thousands of them, walk

These ancient streets and try to talk

The German language with a “Oui”,

—Exponents of Democracy.

So far from home. Great Spirit guide

Our every step, that we with pride

May go back soon with laurels won,

And hear our loved ones say “Well Done”.

-U.S. Army


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Post Card – Greetings From Seaside Oregon!

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Postmarked 1942

“Dear Rosetta, from Martha – remember?

“Hi. By any chance do you remember me? Well, I’m your Pen Pal. Or used to be. Won’t you write to me within this next couple of days. I am up in Astoria for my vacation. I have been up here for 6 weeks already. Please write (address)”


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Post Card – A Joyful Christmas!

I hope that Santa trims your tree
With every new and shining glee.

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Postmarked 1932:

” December 25 – 32

Dearest Friend! – Here’s wishing you a Very Merry Xmas & a Prosperous New Year. Hope Santa is good to you. As ever. Your Friend. Mrs. (S)”


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Post Card – Fishing

Hain’t Never Seen A Man Who Could Fish And Worry At The Same Time:


1957 by Petley Studios, INC.


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