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1930’s Handwritten Medical Journals Ebook – A real life Grey’s Anatomy!

You are looking at two handwritten journals from the 1930s which have been digitized for your viewing pleasure into one ebook!  The journals were titled “Surgery” which makes it a real life Grey’s Anatomy! Now, you can check out what students were learning in the early part of the century – You won’t find anything else like it! This is one of a kind collection of handwritten pages that look just like this:


Method for the Guitar – M. Carcassi – 1884 – Ebook

This is the very first and most important guitar book that has ever been written. So much so that it is still the method that is used today! This ebook has been scanned from an original copy of this book that was written in the late 1800s. Also, it is divided into English AND French! So, it was definitely written at a time when this method was used worldwide and now it has been formatted to fit your digital lifestyle:



Vintage & Antique Postcards

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Medieval City – PrintFromVintage

The City of Carcassonne

This photo is the 1st of 12 that came as part of a souvenir packet at some time in the late 1800s or early 1900s. This is a digital copy that has been scanned from an old, original photograph.

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