Creepy Old Footage Found!

This appears to be an example of old, amatuer filmmaking which succeeds in creating some thrilling and suspenseful footage in this short-lived film.  This was found on an old super 8mm film roll from the 60s and it popped up in right in the middle, out of nowhere and completely caught me by surprise! I was immediately immersed in the ghostly theme as I was taken through what appears to be a single wide mobile home.  Inside, things are going crazy!  The fast cuts and the empty shoes insinuates that an invisible entity is walking through this home and helping him/herself to some refreshments from the fridge.

Some of the footage is so well planned, for its day, that it’s hard to believe the amount of effort that was made to complete this suspenseful film clip. It’s more than I was expecting and I honestly couldn’t stop watching to see what happened next.  Whoever made this did a thorough job in the short amount of time given in this film and was really able to use short bits of footage to keep the story moving along. This is amatuer filmmaking at its finest!  A nice example of what is be possible even when you’re living in the 60s and only equipped with a super 8mm camera. I can image that this took lots of planning to accomplish and it was well done!

Just take a moment to see this vintage and ghostly home movie clip for yourself:

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