A Military Funeral And Procession – Video Of Military Folding The Flag

These funerals are conducted with the utmost precision which families are entitled to if their loved one served in our nation’s military.

Any military funeral can have guards of honor, the firing of ‘volley shots’ as a salute, drumming or other military elements. However, the procession is often the beginning of it all. This is when the family members and friends are led to the funeral by way of escort which spotlights your loved one in such a way that it becomes a public statement of fact. In short, it disciplines everyone involved and those who witness it into an understanding that the people who serve our country are extremely important, not only to our country and our communities but in the hearts of every American. Therefore, great efforts are made to honor their service and sacrifice for our country because not all of us serve and yet, we all enjoy the benefits of such service.

The procession is conducted by Veterans.

They lead all vehicles to the funeral site. Also, once the procession is in motion, it has the right-of-way in traffic (according to local ordinances) and all motorists must yield until the procession has passed.

Those in charge of the procession are very skilled and know how to keep you moving (even through red lights) while directing the other motorists to stop.

 Along the way, you must drive slowly and keep close to the vehicle in front of you.

Few of us realize the tradition involved in a military funeral procession unless we experience it first hand. It is both exciting and overwhelming.

This particular procession was in honor of my Great Uncle Roy who served in WWII and I was amazed at the dedication that it takes to make sure that our service members are properly honored in this way.  We even saw pedestrians standing in salute as we went by which really drives this experience home.  If you do ever see a procession, please show your respect.  It is greatly appreciated!

The funeral itself had its own tradition beginning with the sounding of “Taps”. This is when they bring in the casket covered by the American flag.  This is also the moment when most people cry because that song, at all times, reminds us of those who have served in the Military of the United States and knowing one of them personally, hits you right in the heart. I suppose that deep-down, not only are we grateful but we are guilty of living FREE lives (without consequence when we don’t serve) and therefore, it deepens our appreciation to those that do.

Afterwards, they take the flag from the coffin and fold it.

Then they present it to the family members. Please watch this video to see how precisely this is done:

This post is dedicated to all those who serve our nation! Thank You!