Miss Norma’s Diary – July 17, 1960 – “Mal got in the car with me”


“I was down at the M.G. (miniature golf) all day then I went home and Bill came back with me.  Bill and me were sitting in the car eating.  Mal (Malcolm) was just leaving for home then but he came over and talked to us for a long time. Then Bill said I think I’ll go get a beer and he asked Mal if he wanted one and he said, “yes”. . .

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When Bill left, Mal got in the car with me. We were sitting there talkin then Bill came back with the beer and he game one to Mal, every time he took a drink he gave me one out of his can! Then Bill got out of the car again and Mal started asking me questions.

He asked me if I went to M.B.H.S and he asked me how old I was.  He thought I was 15. After he found out how old I was he kinda ignored me but I kept staring at him and smiling. 

All that night I could not go to sleep for crying over him. I never cried so much!” – End

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