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37 Vintage Pin Up Tool Girls – 80s & 90s – Makita – Skil – Chapin – Hitachi

Well, we haven’t seen these posters in a while! They are the remains of a “man cave” exhibition from decades gone by. In fact, these posters were taken down from one such “man cave” in which the wife decided that enough was enough! Therefore, this guy reluctantly took down these posters from his garage but instead of throwing them all away, he let them all go for one price at a yard sale! This was my opportunity to get my hands on a ton of posters that will probably never been seen again. I’ve searched the internet and only found only a few of these hot babes who apparently enjoyed being in a bikini while working their industrial strength power tools and equipment made by Makita, Skil and others. . .

Also, there’s no real preservation going on with these poster and so they were well worn with holes as they have been placed and replaced on the walls of one man’s garage for about 30 years. So, the best that I could do was photograph them and preserve them here on

Vintage Tool Girl Calendars From the 80s & 90s


Many of these posters were double sided and one of them even has a signature from the Tool Girl featured on the white bikini poster. Apparently, these women were chosen to be the official (sexy) representatives (models) for these companies and were often present at trade shows, signing their posters for the men who used these tools. Obviously, these women were far from inclined to use any of these tools themselves and when you take a look at some of these posters, you will see how ridiculous they look posing with some of them. Also, there’s nothing about these posters which indicates the quality of the tool but for whatever reason, that did not matter. These days, people are less likely to be swayed into purchasing these tools based on these posters alone but don’t forget that they doubled as calendars so that they served a purpose on the walls of any man’s garage or shop for an entire year! Now, let’s start with some of these posters from the 80s:

1986 Calendar Poster Pin Up Tool Girl – Makita

2018-06-06 06.40.47

We all recognize this decade from the hair alone but when combined with the high cut bathing suit, it’s a classic 80s girl look!

1987 Makita Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.39.55

That’s a big drill for such a little lady!

Early 80s Rainbow Bathing Suit:

2018-06-06 06.39.04

No date on this poster but when combined with the rest, my guess is early 80s and that’s because of the 70s vibe that it still has.

1993 Page Langton – Makita Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.37.20

She was a model and fitness queen who obviously got this gig as a Makita girl!

1992 Makita Power Tool Girl – It’s All The Power You Need!

2018-06-06 06.35.46

She wears this drill on her imaginary holster.

Makita 1987 Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.34.26

They must have had some training on how to hold these power tools.

1989 Miss Makita Eastern Region – Donna Stokes:

2018-06-06 06.31.28

That looks like a pretty uncomfortable seat but she does look pretty in pink!

Makita Generator 1991:

2018-06-06 06.29.37

This would be the place in which a generator would come in handy.

1982 Calendar Girl:

2018-06-06 06.28.56

A beautiful setting for a beautiful lady!

The Prettiest Power Tool Girl – 1992:

2018-06-06 06.21.35

Out of all the hotties in these posters, this lady is the prettiest and it’s not just based on how she’s holding the drill. . .

1989 Makita Power Tool Calendar Poster:

2018-06-06 06.23.02

A lot of these posters show plenty wear from being pinned up and relocated several times.

1989 Makita Power Tool Poster Calendar:

2018-06-06 06.23.45

She’s climbing this short ladder to success as a power tool girl!

1990 Signed Poster – Makita Power Tool Girl Sophia:

2018-06-06 06.24.37

Her last name was ripped off the bottom of this poster. She signed it: Sophia

1984 Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.26.35

Her ability to model and prepare to power screw at the same time is amazing!

1989 Power Tool Girl With Rainbow Bikini:

2018-06-06 06.20.30

She’s sanding down this vintage, blue chair to paint it pink!

1982 Power Tool Girl Suzy Q. with Fringe Bathing Suit:

2018-06-06 06.19.53

She looks more like Pocahontas and apparently, she doesn’t even need a power tool to be the poster girl for Makita Power Tools!

1981 Power Tool Pin Up Girl:

2018-06-06 06.18.22

Another pretty lady holding a big drill!

1993 Page Langton with a Makita Generator:

2018-06-06 06.16.11

This woman did a lot of modeling for this company!

1991 Power Drill Makita Pin Up Girl:

2018-06-06 06.17.20

Barefoot and ready to drill out massive rocks that stand in her way!

1986 Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.12.54

She looks cute in yellow and the yellow butterfly in her hair is a nice touch.

Makita – It’s All The Power You Need:

2018-06-06 06.11.57

Cordless would be the way to go when you’re working in your hot pink bikini trimmed with yellow. No date on this poster but I’m willing to bet that it’s from the 80s.

1985 Hard Hat Power Tool Girl:

2018-06-06 06.11.05

We can hardly believe that she’s standing standing on iron in high heels. No Ironworker is capable of doing this!

1993 Page Langton:

2018-06-06 06.09.17

Just another sexy day around the home, fixing up whatever needs to be done! No time to button the shirt. . .there’s lots of stapling and drilling to do!

Not a tool poster – But a Dust Poster:

2018-06-06 06.08.39

This California Car Duster Company spared no expense when it was time to advertise for their product.

Chapin Sprayer Pin Up Poster:

2018-06-06 06.04.19

The waterfall and yellow bikini are essential selling tools for this product.

Chapin Sprayer with black bikini:

2018-06-06 06.04.52

This is a big job and all it takes is this little sprayer to do it.

1984 Calendar Skil Sand Grinder Pin Up Girl:

2018-06-06 06.05.37

It’s clear that she is getting down to business.

Skil Calander Girl 1989:

2018-06-06 06.06.49

Just fixing up some things before going on a night out!

1989 Skil Calendar Poster:

2018-06-06 06.07.29

Going to work now!

1987 Skil Poster Calendar Pin Up Girl with Overalls:

2018-06-06 05.59.12

“Oops! Did I forget to put a shirt on under my overalls?” Don’t worry about it pretty little lady, just keep working hard!

1987 Skil Calendar Poster Pin Up Girl in Plaid Shirt:

2018-06-06 05.59.44

She loves to sand the floor!

The Boss – Hitachi:

2018-06-06 06.01.08

This would have been my bathing suit of choice in those days. . . very sporty!

Red Hot Bikini Girl – 1986 Skil Calendar Poster:

2018-06-06 06.01.41

Even after all of these years, this picture is still very appealing.

1991 Skil Professional Power Tools Poster:

2018-06-06 06.02.27

The 90s are starting to be a letdown. . .

1988 Skil Calendar Poster Pin Up Girl:

2018-06-06 05.57.57

The perfect outfit for the job. . . Love the jean skirt!

1991 Skil Professional Power Tools Poster Girl:

2018-06-06 05.57.05

Oh my! There’s just too much here that needs to stay in the past! Not a fan of the jeans in this photo. I also don’t like the hair or the face on this woman! Even the jacket is pretty bad except for some side boob. . .

1988 Power Tool Break Time – Pin Up Girl:

2018-06-06 05.55.29

Don’t forget to take a break (eat an apple) and check out some more, vintage images here at! Thanks for reading! Please share this article to those who will appreciate it.

18 Old Photos That Tell Us How Weird Life Used To Be!

As time passes, we begin to realize that our past is providing more evidence of our growth and that is absolutely true when it comes to these old photos. In fact, we are looking into a world that is radically different than our own and yet, not so much! Even so, these photos over the past century will have you in awe of all that we have been through and how far we have come. Take a look:

1. In 1933, officials needed proof that London’s double dutch busses weren’t a tipping hazard.


Clearly, the world is convinced that this bus is not a tipping hazard.

2. Before 1913, two children were mailed by rail and postman and that’s why the parcel post was introduced in order to outlaw this.


I guess these children needed to be somewhere else.

3. A mocking photo in 1919 about alcohol and prohibition.


Look at those faces!

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How To Live Long – Part 7

#49. “As argument in the presence of third persons quickly degenerates into the ignoble ambition of victory, rather than conviction or instruction, and is unprofitable, so is reproof, except when the two are alone; else the admonition is received with impatience, indignation, or revenge”
#50. “To remind of a favor is not kind; to speak f it offensively, more than cancels the obligation.”
#51. “To leave the best for other is generous, to select the best for one’s self is the meanest of all traits”
#52. The “gentleman” is magnanimous, the “lady” is serene.”

#53. “The portion of the body which most requires protection against cold and wind, is that between the shoulder-blades behind, as it is at this point the lungs are attached to the body, an the blood is easily chilled”
#54. “To spend two or three moments, on rising and retiring, in rapid friction of the whole surface of the body with the hand, is a more rational treatment of the skin, and a more health promoting operation, for most persons, than a daily cold water bath”
#55. “The wisest men are those who aim to live in such a way as to grow old without aches or pains”
#56. “No rational mind can fail to see that it is a wisdom and a duty to guard against the causes, and watch vigilantly against the indications of such diseases as dyspepsia, which often so influences the mind as to subvert the whole character, making a wreck of happiness, heart, and life together”

How To Live Long – Part 6

#41. “Chilliness of body dampens the spirits, sours the temper, and renders the whole man unlovely.”
#42. “The ashes of the cremated Lady Dilke weighed just six pounds; so that, after all, our bodies are made up of a few pailfuls of water and a little dust.”
#43. “Life is warmth, growth, repair, and power to labor, and all these are derived from the food we eat and the fluids we drink, and these should be good.”
#44. “At every period of life, at all seasons of the year, and from the tropics to the poles, in every clime and country, the temperature of the human body in health is the same to a degree, that is, ninety-eight of Fahrenheit; hence we should eat in winter mainly of warming food, such as meats, fats, oils, sugar, and all the grains, farinas, and starches; in summer, the fruits and berries, and melons and vegetables of the field, the garden and the orchard, which cool and open, and ventilate the system.”

#45. “The metals are dissolved by the rains and feed the plants, they in turn feed the animals, and they in turn sustain man, in order to fit him for the duties of time and the rewards of an immortal existence.”
#46. “A generous nature never hurts the feelings intentionally.”

#47. “Little do the young and vigorous know how the old appreciate those delicate attentions which they so often need in the journey of life, and which it costs so little to bestow, how it cheers their hearts and lifts them up with a delighting thankfulness!”
#48. “A good laugh is anti-dyspeptic.”

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#33. ” A hearty meal, taken while excessively fatigued, has often destroyed life.”
#34. “Health and good nature are generally associated.”

#35. “On a freezing winter morning, to enter a warm breakfast room, with a blazing fire and a snow-white table covering, with cheery faces all around giving hearty welcome, is one of the many domestic felicities of a happy marriage.”
#36. “The “sands of life” are yielded by the food we eat and the water we drink; they constitute the foundation of the nails and hair and the scales of the skin, for we are all a scaly people, differing from the fish only that ours are smaller, and of variable quantities – morally.”

#37. “Water is by much the largest constituent of our frames, used to render the other more solid portions plastic; but all decay and die, having been but the casket of the soul, destined for immorality and eternal life.”
#38. “Cleanliness, in all the surroundings of a family mansion, pays richly in many ways, in good health, moral elevation, personal comfort, and dollars and cents besides.”

#39. “The comforts and conveniences of life save trouble, save labor, economize time, and add to our happiness greatly.”
#40. “A sour look, an impatient gesture, a cross word at the breakfast table is enough to make the best food indigestible and spoil a day.”

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#25. “The thinnest veil or silk handkerchief thrown over the face while riding or walking against a cold wind is remarkably comfortable protection.”
#26. “When alcohol was first introduced into the world in its concentrated form, about the year one thousand, it was called “Aqua Vitae,” the water of life, the great catholicon for human maladies, but it soon became the “Aqua Mortis,” the water of death, the source of mortal woes incalculable, hence the curious lines: – “Is ‘Aqua’ alcohol? Yes, aquafortis; ‘Aqua vitae’ once, Now ‘Aqua Mortis.'”

#27. “Many men with a Bible, a Concordance, a Hymn Book, and vigorous health, become more efficient ministers of the gospel than others who, with the advantage of splendid libraries, and the disadvantage of being sickly, have been but cumberers of the ground.”
#28. “To sleep well, a man must work hard.”

#29. “If thrown into the water and the strength is failing, turn on the back with only the nose and toes out of the water, hands downward and clasped. This should be practiced while learning to swim, as a means of resting from great fatigue in swimming.”
#30. “We shrink with horror at the thought that we, our wives or our children, may possibly die in a mad-house, and yet it can be made impossible by a reasonable attention to the laws of life and health and by an active, stirring life.”

#31. “Exercise to the extent of great fatigue, does more harm than good.”
#32. “Never sit or stand with the wind blowing on you for a single moment, for it speedily produces a chill, to be followed with a fever and then a bad cold.”

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How To Live Long – Part 3

#17. “Delicious sleep comes oftenest to the young and the day laborer.”
#18. “A cheerful disposition is the sunshine of the soul.”

#19. “The mental states have a more controlling influence over the bodily condition than most persons imagine.”
#20. “There is no better way, no safer way, no easier way, no surer way of saving children from debasing influences of the street, from corrupting associations, and from the acquisition of vicious and hurtful practices, than to make home attractive.”

#21. “The education of the young should properly commence with the grandmother, for it takes about two generations to eliminate the plebeian from the character and constitution”
#22. “Cold is the greatest enemy of old age.”

#23. “Ventilation is perfect in proportion as the air of an apartment is kept equal in purity to that of the external atmosphere. This is best done in private dwellings by having an open fire-place”
#24. “Nature is very much like a shiftless child, who, the more he is helped the more he looks for it. The more medicine a man takes the more he will have to take, whether it be anodyne, tonic, or alternative.”

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How To Live Long – Part 2

#9. “To live well is a glory, to die well is a bliss.”

#10. “A wise care of the health in youth is the best assurance of a long life, as an early attention to religion is the foundation of an immortal existence.”

#11. “That man live the longest who does the most good.”
#12. “He brings the most happiness to himself who does most to promote the happiness of others.”

#13. “In one’s last sickness, there is no solid enjoyment except in the consolations of the Christian religion.”
#14. “The most healthful form of exercise is that which involves exhilarating out-door activities.”

#15. “The youth becomes a man, the very day he begins to feel uneasy at the idea of being dependent on another.”
#16. “That old man! What disappointments he has encountered in his long journey, what bright hopes blasted, what sorrows felt, what agonies endured, how many loved ones he has covered up in the grave. And that old woman too! Husband dead, children all buried or far away, life’s flowers faded, the friends of her youth no more, and she waiting to go soon. Ought we ever miss an opportunity of showing attention to the aged, of proffering a kindness, or lighting up a smile, by a courteous act or a friendly deed?”

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