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A Teenage Girl’s Account Of Life and Boys in the early 1960s

This teenage girl lived in Southern California (near the beach) during the early 1960s:

All Entries in 1960 Beginning July 13th:


All Entries in 1961:

All Entries in 1962:

These pages are fascinating because she simply wrote a daily account of her life in such a way that it gave me a story line to follow.

So far, I know that her best friend is Barbara and for an entire summer they went to a Miniature Golf Course in San Diego, California that appears to be family operated by a husband and wife and their two sons.  She appears to be in love with the oldest son, Malcolm.  He is introduced right away (in her 4th diary entry) when he slides into the vehicle with her and asks her how old she is.  He thinks that she’s in high school and quits talking to her when he realizes that . . . and that’s where she leaves me hanging because she doesn’t quite answer this question.

I’m going to assume that she is almost 15-years-old and about to enter into high school (something like that). Malcolm, on the other hand, is about to go away to college and her heart is breaking when she hears of this for the first time!  Meanwhile, Malcolm’s younger brother is showing an interest in her and she could care less.  Instead, her and her best friend Barbara sit on the counter a lot at this miniature golf course and often win 5 free games of golf at the last hole which brings them back night after night.

One time, the younger brother, Loren, asks if he could read her diary that she’s always talking about and she tells him, ‘no way’ while dangling the key that hangs around her neck.

(The exact key that kept this diary locked up like a time capsule!)

Can you imagine?

This diary is from an era that has long since passed – Like the time when she finds out where Malcolm lives and her and Barbara find themselves a block away after walking all the way there and then Barbara hides in the bushes when his parents drive by!  You can’t even make this stuff up!  This is an epic tale that merely needs to be filled in with the details of a good imagination.

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Why Are Old Diaries Worth So Much?

It’s simple, you are holding in your hand the ONLY copy.  For example:  if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a diary from someone in the Civil War, then you have something extremely valuable.  That is, it could contain a tidbit of historical value as well as a wealth of insight on some of these tragic events.  For that, people are spending thousand of dollars for one of these diaries!

However, these diaries by: Miss Norma are about her teenage life from the early 1960s and therefore, it contains some things that I hope we can still relate to today.

Cool & Sentimental Stuff You Kept From Your Childhood

There are plenty of times in our lives when we are forced to downsize and yet, even after all of these years there are still some things that just seem to have stuck around. Perhaps it is because they bring back fond memories and for rhat reason you just can’t get yourself to part with it.  These days, people collect items such as these because they are now considered “vintage” and so you have used that as an excuse to keep them around.  However, sometimes, there’s just no excuse for holding on to certain items except for the fact that it brings back good feelings when you look at it.  Here is a list of items that you are probably still holding onto, even after all of these years:

1. Your First 3D Glasses.

Probably from the movie Jaws 3-D.


2. Your First Lunch Box.

You felt so special having your own lunchbox and you just don’t want to let go of that special feeling.

The Black Hole Lunchbox

3. Caboodles box.

Only now, it’s your catch all box of leftover stuff.


4. Your favorite board game – Clue.

This was a great game and you thought that maybe you’d find time to play it again.


Remember what the pieces look like?

Rope, candlestick, revolver etc.


5. Your first (and only) caricature sketch.

This could’ve happened at any theme park, in this case, Great America!


6. This Lava Lamp.

You’ll never get rid of this!  It’s sooo groovy!


7. Your first musical carousel.

You still love the song that it plays.


8. Your coolest rock T-shirt – Ozzy Osbourne.

This is from 1988. You weren’t at the concert and neither was Ozzy! Therefore, it’s a collectible and justifiably kept.


9. This Rubix Cube.

It’s still scrambled but you’re proud of the fact that this one side is all lined up.


10. Sea Shells.

No doubt from your trip to the ocean.  You’ll never forget it.


11. A Spacemaker.

Only now, you store old pictures in it.


12. These Tapes – VHS & Cassettes.

You’re not sure what’s on them and so you had better keep them just in case it’s important.


13. Your favorite book – The Outsiders.

Mostly because it has all your favorite characters illustrated on the cover.


14. This White Tiger Picture.

This 8×10 picture of this white tiger that’s been on your wall for decades!


15. Your favorite stuffed animal – Winnie The Pooh.

This little guy has probably seen you through many tough times.  There’s no way you’re getting rid of him!


Vintage Shotgun Shells Display – DIY

If you ever come across an old, vintage box of shotgun shells then there is a possibility that they are no good.  However, the box and shells are fun to look at and many people are considering them to be collectible because of their unique colors and designs on the boxes.  So, we have created a display for our old box of shells so that we can enjoy them everyday. The first thing that you are going to need is a small display frame.  Ours is an exact square that we picked up at a yard sale.  The back was missing but that doesn’t stop us from re-purposing it.

1. Pick out a display frame.


2. Fix it up if it’s used. In this case we had to make a new backing for it.


The box of shells that we got came from a family member however, you can find them anywhere online or just keep an eye out!  Collecting these old shotgun shells can be a great hobby AND a great investment.  For those who are investing, I probably wouldn’t rip up the box like we are about to do.  We are collectors, not investors and seeing our shotgun shells displayed like this is a great way to enjoy our collection and celebrate the past.

3. Next, we pick out the shells that we want to display along the bottom of the frame.  You’ll notice that we mixed in one, different shell for a nice contrast.

4. Then we began to break down the box to pick out the sides that we wanted.


5.  We attached the shotgun box pictures that we cut up to the backing, using different sides of the box to show off the different artwork.

Once our backing was complete, all we had to do was piece it all together.  Many of these old shells have a cardboard cover because shotgun shells have undergone many changes over the years.  That’s why finding them now is such a treat for collectors because they are so unique looking.

6.  Here’s a close-up of the box in the frame.


7. And finally, here is the finished product!


Even if you don’t like shotgun shells for yourself don’t hesitate to buy the next, old box that you come across to create this as a gift for one of the GunCravers in your life!