Miss Norma’s Diary – December 14, 1960 – ” on the picture I gave him it said: To Warren Love Norma.”


Today I went to school and Sally and I went to the band room and it was almost time for the bell so Sally asked Warren to give me his picture but he said, ‘Well, I want on her picture.’ So, we left and Sally brought it to me. Later, on the picture I gave him it said: To Warren Love Norma. And Sally to took it to him and Sally said that Warren was showing everybody the picture of me and when he first saw it, he started smiling. After school, Warren was sitting on the benches and Barbara wanted his picture so we went up to him and he gave her one. Benny was at school but Kurtz made him leave. At night Barbara came up and then we went to Thrifty’s. Then we came home and played records.

Later, Benny called up and we talked to him for about an hour.


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