Cool & Sentimental Stuff You Kept From Your Childhood

There are plenty of times in our lives when we are forced to downsize and yet, even after all of these years there are still some things that just seem to have stuck around. Perhaps it is because they bring back fond memories and for rhat reason you just can’t get yourself to part with it.  These days, people collect items such as these because they are now considered “vintage” and so you have used that as an excuse to keep them around.  However, sometimes, there’s just no excuse for holding on to certain items except for the fact that it brings back good feelings when you look at it.  Here is a list of items that you are probably still holding onto, even after all of these years:

1. Your First 3D Glasses.

Probably from the movie Jaws 3-D.


2. Your First Lunch Box.

You felt so special having your own lunchbox and you just don’t want to let go of that special feeling.

The Black Hole Lunchbox

3. Caboodles box.

Only now, it’s your catch all box of leftover stuff.


4. Your favorite board game – Clue.

This was a great game and you thought that maybe you’d find time to play it again.


Remember what the pieces look like?

Rope, candlestick, revolver etc.


5. Your first (and only) caricature sketch.

This could’ve happened at any theme park, in this case, Great America!


6. This Lava Lamp.

You’ll never get rid of this!  It’s sooo groovy!


7. Your first musical carousel.

You still love the song that it plays.


8. Your coolest rock T-shirt – Ozzy Osbourne.

This is from 1988. You weren’t at the concert and neither was Ozzy! Therefore, it’s a collectible and justifiably kept.


9. This Rubix Cube.

It’s still scrambled but you’re proud of the fact that this one side is all lined up.


10. Sea Shells.

No doubt from your trip to the ocean.  You’ll never forget it.


11. A Spacemaker.

Only now, you store old pictures in it.


12. These Tapes – VHS & Cassettes.

You’re not sure what’s on them and so you had better keep them just in case it’s important.


13. Your favorite book – The Outsiders.

Mostly because it has all your favorite characters illustrated on the cover.


14. This White Tiger Picture.

This 8×10 picture of this white tiger that’s been on your wall for decades!


15. Your favorite stuffed animal – Winnie The Pooh.

This little guy has probably seen you through many tough times.  There’s no way you’re getting rid of him!