Saturday Morning Cartoon Lineup In The Year 1969!

Can you remember the cartoons that you watched on Saturday mornings on ABC?  You might be able to name some of them but chances are, you’ll never recall the entire line-up on any particular day, say September 6th 1969?  If you could, THAT would be amazing!  The only reason that I can is because I found the advertising for this line-up buried in the pages of an old comic book (my new passion, so, you can look forward to more posts about comics). Can you remember getting up to watch these cartoons all morning long on your day off?  Take a look:

8:00 – The New Adventures of Casper The Friendly Ghost.

The sad part was that nobody believed that he was friendly and it made him sad that everyone was afraid of him all the time.


8:30 – The Smokey Bear show.

I’m sure he had a lot to say about forest fires.


9:00 – The Cattanooga Cats.

They look like they really know how to rock!


10:00 – Hot Wheels.

Fast cars and good times! Who wouldn’t watch this cartoon?


10:30 – The Hardy Boys.

“The classic mystery stories of The Hardy Boys come to life in this new cartoon series!”


11:00 – Sky Hawks.

Daring air and sea rescue missions.


11:30 – The adventures of Gulliver.

Although it doesn’t look like much of an adventure. Even the dog is having a bad day!


12:00 – Fantastic Voyage.

And finally, this is when your parents begin to wonder if you’re going to do anything at all with your day. Little did they know that your day was nearly done!