Miss Norma’s Diary – July 25, 1960 – “If he doesn’t come after me, I’ll go after him.”


“Nothing much happened today. Barbara and I went to the beach for a while and we both got sun burnt. Then at night we went to M.G. When we got there Bobby was there but he just stayed a little while. . .

. . .Then Bobby’s father drove by in Malcolm’s car. . .

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. . .A few minutes later Malcolm drove by in Lincoln’s car but he did not come to the M.G. as Lincoln did.  About an hour later Mal came. He had a blue shirt and light tan pants on and he had his hair combed a different way. He had it like Bobby’s. When Mal saw me he waved and I smiled at him. When Barbara and I got through playing M.G. we went over and stood by Mal.  But I didn’t say one word to him. If he doesn’t come after me, I’ll go after him.”

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