Miss Norma’s Diary – July 24, 1960 – “Barbara wrote, ‘The handsome gift was Mal!'”


“Today the whole family went on a picnic at Shutter Island. We stayed there all day then at night Barbara, Mabel and Me went down to the M.G. (miniature golf). Mal’s mother and father were there but Lollia and Mal were not. . .

. . .Write Tomorrow!. . .


P.S. The birthday card Barbara gave me said, “Had a handsome gift for you. . . but he got away!”  and inside the card Barbara wrote, ‘The handsome gift was Mal!’. . .

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. . .P.P.S. Mabel asked Mal’s mother what their last name was and said ‘Richards’. . . .

. . . Malcolm’s Car Licence # CCL363

Mr. Richards’s License # EMS329

Lorrin’s License # UDN9214″