Miss Norma’s Diary – January 12, 1962 – “Once he went by and he said to me, ‘Baby’”


“Today I went to school Nothin’ much happened. In Science John said to me, ‘Keep your hands out of my pants.’ So, I hit him in the butt. After school Barb and I went down the street. We saw Charlie Drive by. Then we saw Ralph. At night Barb and I went to the show. A.T., Charlie, Barry, Mike, & Steve, Barry’s friends, Big Hick, John, Don S., Don D. Etc. Barry was sitting in the same row as we were and Big Hick was sitting in front of us. A.T. Was sitting behind us. Barry kept waking by us. Once he went by and he said to me, ‘Baby’. Later he asked me if I was going to stay for the next movie. He said, ‘Stay for the next show.’ When the show was over. Barb and I left. Barry came over and said, ‘So you ain’t gonna stay here?’ and I said no. But he kept asking me that. When Barbara was calling, Barry came up and said, ‘are you going home to mama?’ and I said yeah. John kept teasing me tonight. We had a big blast. Barbara is stoked on Big Hick again. But not for long.”

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