Miss Norma’s Diary – January 31, 1962 – “when we walked by them one of them whistled”


“Today I went to school. After school Barbara and I went down the street. We saw Mike and When we were in the drug store we saw Barry so we started eating real fast. (We had banana splits) but then he went the other way. Not long after, we left. We went up to Burner Judd’s and Barry and two other guys were standing in front of the bowling alley. I thought one of the other guys was Ralph but Barbara didn’t think so. Anyway, when we walked by them one of them whistled. When we were going home Barry was standing by a car with another guy. Then we saw that it was Ralph. Barry looked at us when we went by them the first time Barry yelled out something about ‘Baby’ or ‘Come on baby’. Barbara told Carol that Barry and Ralph asked me to go out with them and she got real jealous. At night I washed my hair and I watched television.”

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