Miss Norma’s Diary – January 2, 1962 – “I didn’t know he was so cute”


“Today I went to school. I almost fell asleep. It sure was boring. After school Barbara and I went down the street and we saw Ray. H kept walking around the block about 6 times. When we got to the corner we saw Asa and he starting walking around the block too. When we went in Stadler’s drug store, David and Paul were in there so we walked out. But they saw us and right after we left they left. So we went in Corenots and they couldn’t find us. But when we started to leave they saw us so we just went on and we went to Thriftys. Bennie was in there and then I looked over and saw Barry was with him. So we were going out of the store Barry looked at me and said, ‘where ya going?’ but I didn’t answer him. It just didn’t sink in that he said anything to me until I was gone. When we left Ray was still walking and so was Asa. Benny was just standing there looking at them. Then we went to the Bar-B-Q Pit, Bobby was there. Then Eddie came to work. He kept looking at us. Charlie and A.T. Drove by in a kind of candy apple colored car with gold pin stripes all over it. We sure were surprised when we saw Charlie driving. Then Barbara and I were going up the street and this guy was walking towards us and as he got closer I looked right into his eyes. He did the same. Barbara told me that it was Ronnie. I didn’t know he was so cute. There sure was a lot of guys out today. At night I stayed home and watched television.”

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