Miss Norma’s Diary – December 30, 1961 – “We left there and went to the frosty shop”


“Today I stayed homes all day. Except when I went out with Mabel to the store and Carmona’s to look at a bed room set. At night Barbara, I Ian and Ian’s friend (a surfer) went to the drive-in but we got fogged out. We left there and went to the frosty shop. Barry, Mike, A.T and Charlie was there. Barry came over and started talking to Ian and he told him what he did last night at the show Charlie didn’t come over. I was glad too I don’t ever even know if he knew who we were. Then we went home. Then I spent the nite with Barbara. I want to got to Cris and Gary’s tomorrow. Sonny called me up and asked me to go to the show with him.”

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