Miss Norma’s Diary – July 27, 1960 – “He said he was going to read my diary”


“Barbara and I went down to the M.G. again and Mal Darling was there. When we went up there he said, ‘Have you got anymore free games left”‘ and we said ‘yes’ and then Mal asked me if I won 5 more free games the other night and I said, ‘yes’ and he said, ‘I thought I saw your name down there again.’ After a while Jimmy came and he was talking to us. He said he was going to read my diary but I said ‘no, you’re not’ and I held up the key that was around my neck. . . 

. . .Later on Mal left and I stood there and watched him drive away hoping he would see me. . .

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. . .Then Jimmy asked us if we would bowl with him so we did and he and Bill went to get a beer. After we were through, Barb and I went to the ‘head’. As we walked to the head, Bobby kept looking at us and he was smiling.  ‘Amo Mal'” (I Love Mal)

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