Miss Norma’s Diary – July 29, 1960 – “P.S. Lorrin had Janicaas on tonight and he looks read good in them”


“Today Barbara and I went to ‘La Jolla’ to try and find Mal’s house.  First we walked way up this hill but we could not find it. Barb said, ‘There was no such address.’ But I said, ‘There has to be.’ It was real hot there so we walked down by the cove and all along the water front. . .

. . .Then we started looking for the house. . .

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. . .We looked about 3 hours and just when we were about to give up we saw another street called Prospect st. So, we followed the street and all of a sudden I screamed, “There’s Mal’s car!” So, we walked up by the car and we stood there for a while. Then we walked up to get a coke at the store and when we walked by Mal’s house again, his car was gone. . . 

. . .We were both mad so we went up to the corner and stood there and talked. I turned to look down the street and Mal’s car went right by us. Lincoln was driving and was sure he saw us.  We watched him so we could see which house they lived in. After he went in the house, we walked by there. A little later we caught the bus and went home. When we walked by Penny’s we saw Lorrin’s car down at M.G. At night, Barbara and I went down to the M.G.C. and Bobby was working. I handed him my card and he said, ‘You paying for both of ’em?’ and I said, ‘No’ and he said, ‘Gee, what a friend. You make her pay her own.’ . .

. . . P.S. Lorrin had Janicaas on tonight and he looks read good in them.”

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